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  1. Otherwise known as firewood, and about as much use as a chocolate teapot. Don't touch it. Much better to deal with a company that knows about concertinas. Try the Button Box - you can get decent anglos in C/G and G/D suitable for beginners and yet will last you a bit beyond that stage too. http://www.buttonbox...inas.html#anglo Thanks, Steve. The Chinese import idea is just a guess, but it's probable. I'd love to hear somebody else recognize it, but the fact that there's no manufacturer's name leaves me suspecting the worst. . . but still hopeful, unfortunately.
  2. Learned about a concertina offered by someone who normally sells guitars. (My main instrument.) He knows nothing about concertinas, just says this is a new concertina, 20 buttons (he said 21, but even as a newbie I know that's 20 + the air button), has no manufacturer's name, but it has "birds & a globe" on it. I've asked him to check the instrument's range, but haven't yet heard more from him. Possibly that's because I said I would check online trying to locate more about it. He picked the instrument up in buying a job lot of guitars. I know people are going to want to see the concertina, but I've only talked with him by phone & he doesn't do email. He's a few hours drive, so I'm not eager to go if this isn't worth pursuing. I have a beginner C/G Anglo, but would love a lower Anglo, like a D, both to match my voice & personal preference. I suspect it may be a Chinese import. Anybody have any information that might help?
  3. is trying to get started with a 1st post & also a photo, but am not getting through!

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