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  1. I sell this tenor treble for 900 Euros : as new condition, with case. Good for song acompagnement and/or concertina beginner. Reeds are hand made which you don't take from the ordinary A-56-N : this is a special concertina then the sound is clear and bright. The balance tone between tenor and treble is very good. Metal buttons and wrist support. It is the top of the line of Stagi with top of the line accordion reeds Reeds are mounted as vintage reeds (but accordion reed valves parallele) => the sound is concertina sound. From France. Le Français est ma langue maternelle. But you can put your post in english as I can understand it Amitié
  2. look this : paulowode KO ;-) paulowode ( 0 ) Not a registered user Cancelled: GBP 4,200.00 Explanation: Administrative Cancellation Bid: Nov-04-04 06:00:26 PST Cancelled: Nov-05-04 05:54:06 PST
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