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    Scuba Diving, Shanties and Sea Songs, Sailing, occassionally even what I do for living: computer systems.<br>Ah, and (of course!) concertinas...<br>
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  1. Hi Robin, yes, that me... proud owner of the black Albion concertina... I have just missed your call - I'll call you back as soon as I figure out the options of getting to Montreal. And we can not only sing shanties on our way down, but listen to them as well - I have a few decent, hard line CDs. Voi
  2. Hi, It's probably a bit too late to ask this, but my travel plans had to change and I will have to get to the Northeast Squeeze-In by car... So if anyone from GTA, Ottawa or Montreal is planning to attend, it would be great if you could let me know as soon as possible. I'd like to share the driving and the gas costs.... and don't we all know why!! I'd like to attend the whole weekend (including Friday) but arrival late on Friday or on Saturday morning would also be ok... So if anyone is going, or is interested in going, I'd really appreciate if you could call me at my cellphone number (647-223-0007) tomorrow (Thursday, Sept. 15th). Thanks very much in advance, Voi (current location: Aurora, ON) (weekend location: Bucksteep Manor, Washington, MA) :-) P.S. Sorry for the error in the post title... I can't find any way to correct that...
  3. Thanks very much for your responses! I will definitely seek the recordings of players you mentioned. And just to explain why I'd like to concentrate on shanties and sea songs? Well, although I realise that concertinas (especially English and Duets) were not really instruments of choice aboard sailing ships, I like the way concertinas sound in accompaniment of these songs. And this is also a kind of singing (and, yes, music) that I really like. So, sea songs for me! Voi
  4. Good point Jim! And no, I haven't heard a lot of song accompaniment with English... would you have some shanty/sea song records to recommend? Thanks, Voi
  5. Hello - and thanks for your responses! Well, I've just started playing on English (Morse Albion - beautiful black piece!) concertina and I love it! It's great for melody line, but having recently listened to a few examples of duet being used for song accompaniment (for example, Stormalong John version of "According to the Act" sea song) I don't think I could get to this level of richness with English. However, thanks to Richards response, I think I'll stick to what I have for now and will possibly look at duet in a year or so (maybe on the next NE Squeeze-In... ). BTW, as soon as I convert the tune that I mentioned above to MP3, I'll post it on the "tunes" forum with a challenge: I really would love to find one of you masters out there who could "translate" that song into an accompaniment for English concertina.... Who knows, maybe someone would be willing to spend a few hours to do just that.... Of course, the chances are slim but one never knows... Anyway, thanks very much for your responses! Voi
  6. Hello, I've found this ad on eBay: the title "Lachenal English Concertina" but the picture and the description refer to it as a duet... http://cgi.ebay.ca/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewIt...me=STRK:MEWA:IT Price so far looks very good, but could any of you experts on the c.net give me some info on whether this instrument might be good enough to risk a bid? So far I know that it hasn't been restored but all notes play... Would you recommend any particular questions I should ask of the seller? If it needs just basic restoration, what sort of expense would I potentially be looking at? All information and suggestions will be very much appreciated. Thanks! Voi
  7. Disco Polo was popular mainly in rural and small-town communities whereas it would be ignored or mentioned with embarassment rather than with acceptance in bigger cities. Generally, the bigger a city or the higher an education of a person, the less popular this genre would be. And also, interestingly enough, it's quite an opposite with a traditional Polish folk music. Thankfully, it seems that these days the whole "Disco Polo" fad has disappeared in the musical past best left forgotten. And yes - shanties are big in Poland - not as big as in the 80s or beginning of the 90s, but still popular. Hopefully, they still will be for years to come!
  8. Hi Animaterra! Your "Chocolate Song" was fun! And what a perfect response to the "Hot meat"... There's something to be said for "culinary" songs late in the night... Do you think you could send me the lyrics with the melody line? I could practice for the next NESI! Thanks! Voi
  9. Hello All! It was great to finally see what the NE Squeeze-In was all about! I really enjoyed myself listening to all you people playing accordions and concertinas. Now, back home in Toronto with my shiny new black Albion concertina, I'm trying to make my way through "The Fireship" (sang by Stan Hugill in the version I have) and some other songs and I'm starting to hear some traces of the original melody in my attempts... Takes lot's of swearing, though.... And I'd like to thank you all for your encouragement, the music and great fun! See you all next year! Voi (AKA Kartrait as registered here)
  10. Hello there! I'm a very new english concertina owner - only an owner and not a player yet! If you know of any place or a person in Toronto (or the York region) where I could sign up for some classes - please let me know. So far I only have a few small concertina tutors. I've been wondering about trying to learn the instrument on my own vs. having a teacher. I guess there is a potential risk of imprinting bad habits etc. trying to do that on my own... If you could share your own experiences / recommendations, I'd really appreciate that. Thanks Voi
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