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  1. I use a camera neck strap attached to two metal loops which were fitted by Dave Leese when he was servicing my instrument and fitting new bellows. I find this very comfortable. I was following the idea from Pauline de Snoo but Dave thought that it would put too much strain on the thumb screw fittings to add the extra load of suspension.
  2. Thanks everyone Food for thought. Just having mine fitted with 7 folds!
  3. Thanks for this bit of Eng C. history. Back, oh, 25 years ago when I got my first Wheatstone, it had only 5 folds. Whenever I saw a visiting artist playing English, they always had 6 folds. My Wheatstone, which I sold about 5 years ago, was built around 1915-16, so I guess that explains the 5 folds?
  4. Can anyone advise on the merits of having more bellows folds on an English concertina-say seven folds instead of six?
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