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  1. Hi all! This is my 1st. time on concertina net. I just joined your august group today! I too own an old Scholer 21 button concertina that I recently purchased off e-bay. It too has all the fancy metal trim pieces,roses,beveled edges, red marbelized ends, and two metal badges. One badge is mounted on a palm rest and says made in germany. The other is Scholers medalion with two eagles hovering over, what seems to be the planet Saturn. The only repair I had to make was a bit of wooden dowling to replace the air button which was missing. It has a beautiful deep tremolo sound on it's lower keys and a bright crisp and clean tone in the upper range. There is a mark (imbedded in the plastic) near the air button that says;with the aid of a magnifying glass; GERMANY USSR OCCUPIED. I hope I have'nt rambled on too long. Frank
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