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  1. Thanks for the coments,i'll take your advice and repair the holes.when ready for fret sawing is it best to draw the pattern on paper and glue it lightly to the wood as a guide or draw it straight onto the wood.also what finnish should i apply the original finnish has yellowed with age,should i refinnish the other good side to balance the instrument's look thank's dennis.
  2. Hi would i be wise to repair this lachenal mahogany english concertina front or make a complete new front as shown in the pics. Thanks for looking ,any advise would be appreciated. dennis
  3. Thanks chris for your advice l will battle on dennis.
  4. I am replacing the pads on my lachena l 30 key anglo.the original pads are smaller than the circular grooves cut in the wood.according to david elliots book the pads should sit on top of the grooves.is this important? thanks
  5. i am in the process of changing the pads on my 30 button lachenal anglo an i have noticed that the old pads (which are very old) are smaller in diameter than the groove cut into the wood,which according to david elliots book the pads must seat on top of them ,is this very importent? thanks dennis.
  6. hi thanks everyone for the response much apreciated dennis.
  7. hi a couple of questions if anyone can help me,first i have rosewood ended 30 button anglo with bone buttons,it looks there was once some material suspended under the fretwork also the oval window in the fretwork where the makers name is ,is empty.does anyone now what material should be under the fretwork and how it's attached (whats the makers name plate made of]. the other question is the button height should i expect ouside the covers. thanks dennis.
  8. i would like to thank everyone for their responses to my question regarding bone buttons,all 30 buttons look in poor shape to me(worn on the sides as they pass through the holes and the bottom pegs are now shapeless or broken off altogether).ive found a supplier on the internet(a.r.archer ltd who sell bone blanks to luthiers jewelers etc)so ill have a go at making them all i will let know how i get on. dennis
  9. hello everyone i wonder if anyone can help me,im abuot to try to restore a 30 button anglo lachenal.my first problem is the bone buttons which appear to be badly worn,i intend to make some new ones but i dont know where to get the material,has anyone got any ideas. dennisg i live in the west midlands
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