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  1. hey, thanks chris- well, it's definitely a low ender... called Bonetti 2010. Sold through USAMusicSupply (online and ebay). Still try'n to figure out the materials, but I think I'm right that thin leather was used underneath, covered over by lacquered canvas edges. Seems like it would last. Bought the Pearl White with black buttons. Comes in a good solid case too. Little stiff to me, but I have nothing to gauge by. I was surprised by the travel distance of the keyboard (they don't look so big in the videos), and expanding the rig is more on the edge, not like a central handle (common, just didn't consider the awkwardness of it). So that's my little thing to work through (grin). At least I'm on a great forum to get learning ! Thanks all. jimbo
  2. Hey, so im the proud owner of a 30 button anglo now. and WOW are these things unweildy in the hands eh? so the bellows look like a fine leather, but the edges and flats look like canvas tape lacquered. Tight anyway, no leaks, loud sound. had one sticky button that 30 or so pushes straightened out no probs. did i say this is much weirder than a harmonica in the hands (grin.) ok, now over to ButtonBox for some literature! wish me luck thanks for all the advice. Looks like the Concertina Demystified, and the Frank Edgley Tutor & CD is the way to start. I am THINKING about the Absolute Beginner Concertina book (20 button) maybe JUST to get a throw into it...thoughts? THANKS ! jimbo
  3. @ skinsegan Hey, thanks very much. Nice job indeed! It's such a nice song, lively when done as a dance, and haunting when slowed down with a little drone. kindest! jimbo
  4. I just think the "another jim" is hilarious. Thanks, I know "The Blackbird" is a seriously generic title, and me with no musical inclination, couldn't tell ya any "tells" to narrow it down. But I'll give it all a go, haha Gotta download the Tune-o-matic too.... new computer, haven't added much. MY CONCERTINA ARRIVED !!!! Guess the fun (or for my family, Torture) is about to start ! kindest, jim (that is, jim the originator of the thread , haha)
  5. Hi Leo- Yeah man, that's the one. That pretty much is what I like. And yeah, the thumb strap was the tell for me being English, shouldnt mean can't be done on an Anglo right? But like you, I can't do it by ear, I don't know the diff between keys, etc... But that's one of my goals! jim
  6. Hi all... yes, I'm requesting music before my Concertina even arrives ! What got me interested in this was a performance by harmonica player Rick Epping at an Iron Lung performance on Youtube. He played two versions together of The Blackbird (one had a lot of droning, very airy). He played harp WITH a Concertina. Now if I look closer, I think it's a 20 or 30 button English. But surely it can be played on the Anglo - yes? Anyway, if anyone knows what I'm talking about and can help, it would be greatly appreciated.... would love to learn this one. Kindest, jim
  7. hi jim yes, i should qualify my request ---- something that uses "a form of" Tab in Connection with musical notation so I can play out the box, but also be learning music reading at the same time. that is the best. i do want to avoid any that are purely music notation though, for the time being. ALSO--- some folks have recommended the Mick Bramich sets, BUT I just discovered, they use the Jeffries layout, and my tina is a Wheatstone ... Does this make a difference (how so, or not?) THANKS kindest jim
  8. Ken- thanks, that would be helpful. The old Carlo Minasi pdf from 1905 linked above is pretty cool - in that it uses music notation, but then has, like 4p or 3d for Button and draw or push. LEarn music at the same time as being able to jump into playing with a type of Tab. jim
  9. Hi THANKS I downloaded the Day's mp3s, but the text is standard musical notation, so can't do too much there... I really need TAB 8(
  10. hey Bill Thanks for the info... checking that out now! I saw the Buy & Sell one, but yeah, already hit the paypal button on one. Kindest jim
  11. Hi all. Thanks for the info about picking up this instrument! I made the plunge (maybe not as deep as some, haha) and got an Anglo 30 Button on the way... did I mention I'm terribly impatient (I know, not the best quality for learning a new instrument...) Anyway, I've been reading reviews, lists, youtube, store lists, etc.... TRYING to find a clearly good "just starting" Tutor package for this Tina. Many do not say if they are English or Anglo, some don't say if they are 20 or 30 button, and MAny use standard Musical Notation. I NEED SOMETHING THAT USES TAB OR DIAGRAMS..... I CAN'T READ STANDARD MUSICAL NOTATION. Also, My goal is to play Scottish Airs (with drone), Irish and Klezmer. That's the interest. Don't know if there's a beginner guide for the Tina that specializes in this kind of music. Could folks point me in the right direction? THANK YOU ! Post, email or PM kindest regards, jim
  12. THANKS GUYS I HAVE decided on the $119 Bonetti 2010 30 Button unit. I spoke with the company, They have a 100% return policy even if you just don't like it. Word is no returns on this model, and even their ebay store is hundreds in the positive (no negative) -- surely someone would have burned them if there was a problem. ALSO, I was told they use a Leather constructed Bellows. Not paper. At the worst, it's Leather-ish.. so, should be ok. And, I will learn on the 2 rows, and leave the 3rd to later temptation, haha, as Anglo-Irishman said (Love that you do hymns on it!) I was asked age... sadly I'm starting late at 38. Ralph, yeah, everything I read says Irish and Klezmer is best on a n Anglo.. which is good since the English are not easy to get. And the Anglo is abundant. Will let you know my thoughts when I get it. Kindest jim
  13. Bill, thanks for the resell note; good to know. Actually I'm on the east coast, but appreciate the offer. It is hard without handling an instrument first. And yeah, I don't doubt paying extra for a well built unit is worth it in playability, and for performance playing and the like. And I can certainly see myself paying in the future if I decide to stay with the instrument and want something more lasting. But you know... my brother had the cheapest of little mandolins, and I bought an expensive F style custom built unit... and would you believe, his little unit that cost more than 10 times less sounded so much more sweeter. If it is at least built decent, and you play carefully, a lot has to do with like Fatbellows said, the heart of the playing. Looking forward to getting into one !! james
  14. Hey, thanks to you both. @FB -- yeah, my brother can pick up anything with strings and play, but I still like him (grin.) And yeah, I like the idea, something is better than nothing... I mean, the only person likely to complain about any noticable quality difference is the pet cockatiel. The family won't just to keep me trying , haha. But seriously, the company I listed has been courteous and responsive, explaining their quality and factory etc... And there's not a single listed bad remark about them or the product - unlike some no-name ebay units. And, if I am gonna get fed up, I'd rather it be over $100, and not $1500 which I can't afford to loose to a paper-weight at the moment. I was just hoping someone might have actually tried out one of those units, but maybe it's better that there's not... nothing to add to preconceptions.. right 8) Thanks again And YES, I will go for the 30 Button afterall... it seems to be 6 or 7 folds, standard. Now, to find a good beginner's instruction for an anglo 30 button (most don't tell you if they are 20 or 30 button instruction) that uses TAB, not music notation. Thanks for the encouragement. James
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