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  1. Yes. I have to admit that I haven't read this forum in many, many months. Coincidentally, I had tried to contact Helen by e-mail, and then by phone, this week and got no reply (not like her at all!). So my next resort was to check cnet -- I knew you guys would be keeping track of her. Hope she's back in circulation soon.
  2. This was the first time I didn't stay for the whole weekend, just driving up for the day Saturday, but I feel like I packed a whole weekend into that one day. Workshop highlights for me: Frank Edgley's Irish ornamentation (yes, you CAN do it on an EC); playing in the concertina band (fun in four-part harmony); Matt Heumann's mock O'Carolan workshop (no he wasn't mocking O'Carolan) but where does he come up with all these tunes, the man must never sleep; and playing in the contra-dance band under the direction of the now-svelte Craig Hollingsworth, with renowned caller David Kaynor (shall I dance or play?) Driving home till 3 am was the hard part. Hope Deirdre comes next year so we can be roomies again. Also missed Allison & Wendy -- next year you guys! As to which weekend, lotsa stuff happening around Labor day. There's the New World Festival in Vermont (some of us were there this year), Rhythm & Roots in R.I. And the Carrefour Mondial de l'Accordeon draws a lot of our crowd, especially PA players (it's in Montmagny, QC. David: that's the Mont... you were thinking of) Although if I had to choose among all of them, the Squeeze-in still wins.
  3. But not this year. I talked to Bob recently and he said he will be heading to Cleveland for a gig the weekend of the Squeeze-In. Someone needs to find a replacement for him on piano in the SI contra-dance band (and no I'm not volunteering.) Britt
  4. Yes, Robin, I've heard the same thing, but have never been before either. Helen and I are rooming at the Blackthorne. (The guy she's carpooling with is camping out.) I'm sure we'll meet up at some point. I'm taking an afternoon class in hammer dulcimer with Karen Ashbrook. But I will have my EC with me, too, of course. And I look forward to the nightly sessions which I understand go very late. With no morning classes to worry about, I can sleep in. Cya there!
  5. Much thanks to David for the info. It may have been "all over the Internet" but this is the first report I have seen. A bunch of us John Roberts fans from Connecticut were at Old Songs & drove home Saturday, (some left after seeing his performance in the barn) and hadn't heard the news. So I forwarded this to my non-concertina-playing friends. Do keep us updated.
  6. Put me down for one of those pewter pins. As you can see from my avatar, I'm partial to pewter. BTW, Allison, nice seeing you at Old Songs, sorry we didn't get a chance to chat.
  7. You may be her official transportation, but I'll be her official roommate. Yeah, her home computer crashed so she's not online as much. It's nice to know she is so popular that she's missed -- we're gonna have a blast!
  8. Well I'm not really into the camping mode, but I'm thinking of going. Any gals out there who need a roommate? I don't think I can afford to room for a whole week myself. Britt
  9. Robin: Thanks for the tip! I'll be probably arrive in Montreal about 6pm that Thursday, so if I can make it (and if Janet wants to go to McKibbons) I will no doubt see you there. Cheers, Britt
  10. Yes, I'll be there! Any chance there will be any workshops for English concertina? Frank, maybe you can teach making an English sound like an anglo? Britt
  11. And of course I remember having lunch with Allison and her "adopted daughter" at NESI. So are you going both days, or only on Saturday? Britt
  12. YES! I will practically be living there. My band (Nefesh) will be playing for klezmer dancing at 9pm on Saturday, but I plan on being there all day. Also Sunday. There's jamming in the cafeteria both days, including an Irish jam (at 1:00 Sunday) which I hope to join with my new concertina. One glitch: Some of the events didn't get on the online grids, so be sure to check the program when you get there. It's at a new location (again) so things might be a little ragged, but there's a lot going on. I hope to see you there. Britt
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