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  1. Hi there. I have just bought my favorite concertina --a tenor-treble, and I have two Wheatstone 48 key treble concertinas for sale. Feel free to contact me at deirdre@wildblue.net. If it works out for both of us I'll make a donation to concertina.net. deirdre
  2. Hi Squeezehead. If you haven't sold it yet I'd be VERY interested. I've been looking for one of these for a long time. Are we allowed to email each other directly? If interested, email me at deirdre@wildblue.net thanks.
  3. Hi there. I play English, and I think i agree with you that the Anglo is a bit easier to learn. I don't play it but I do play a button accordion in which the notes are different on the push-pull. but the English is great for all kinds of music. Once you learn it, and it took me years, I play by ear. I use music to learn a tune and then my fingers memorize it, and I can play without the music. It's great for classical, and different types of music. But they're both lovely, and you might want to try both before you decide. Check the Button Box for their specials. I've bought most of my instruments from them, and they stand behind them. deirdre
  4. David, how much do you want to sell it for outright? It looks good. I assume you have no microphone to go with it. deirdre
  5. Dear Ross, I have your instrument. I special ordered it through Jimatthebuttonbox a few years ago, loved it, but now am wanting to stay with the concertina and let someone else love it. I have a Lilly I'm keeping. Send me your email address and I'll send you the particulars. I live in Virginia, by the way, not too far from you! ps I'll be away from Monday to May 6. Deirdre deirdre@wildblue.net
  6. Hello. Try Bob Tedrow. Bob Tedrow <hmi@scott.net> He makes them, and they are beautiful. Check his web site for photos. http:/hmi.homewood.net . (205) 879-4868 deirdre
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    dear zeke, I live in Winchester, near you, and play for Scottish dancers on an English concertina. If you KNOW you want to do concertina, which type? English or Anglo? , and here's my experience with instruments. The lower-end ones can be quite troublesome. I don't know Hohner concdrtinas, though they make fine accordions. I'd recommend you check out the Button Box website. They sell used as well as new concertinas and can help you make a decision. I started with a Staqi, moved to a Lachenal, and quickly to a Wheatstone. But in fact, my favorite is the one made by the Button Box. Do some research first. There's a great group in Fairfax that plays Irish music, and a couple of people who play with the group play Anglo concertina. Good luck. deirdre
  8. Dear Chris, welcome to a great adventure! I have two treble Wheatstones, and the concertina I play and enjoy most is the one I bought and made by the Button Box (www.buttonbox.com), the Albion, for (when I got it) $1600. I never have to tweak it; it sounds fabulous, and I love it. Moreover, I just heard today, if that price is just too much for you, of the Jackie, a concertina made in England by Concertina Connection for $300. Evidently it's quite nice and getting some good reviews. they make a tenor too called the Jack, for a bit more, I heard. Good luck to you. Deirdre
  9. I recently received a beautiful Hayden duet concertina built by Bob Tedrow after waiting almost a year. I thought I'd really enjoy learning to play it, and I find I really prefer playing english which I've gotten very used to. Photos of it are on Bob Tedrow's web site. the concertina is lovely, great tone, nice action, good range; I just play too many instruments already to spend time practicing. I bought it for about $2800 and would consider selling it for $3000. deirdre
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