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  1. Howard, Thanks for the info. Tom is always worth a trip 'over the tops' via the Cat & Fiddle from Buxton to hear. I'll see if I can get a car full for Saturday night, hope to see you there.
  2. Wally.....Walter Scott = Clot As for no-no tunes, G-spot tornado.
  3. This shot was taken last Wednesday 3rd. in the local dale. Saw only rabbit, fox and badger tracks all day.
  4. If you go to....tg4.tv click on ceol-cartlann, you get a list of past programs. The one featuring Noel Kenny is, geantrai-28/10.
  5. Here's another nice mess..... http://uk.youtube.com/watch?v=FPxX8SJT2b8
  6. Nice one Ptarmi. As with most u-tube session videos it's best to save the clip, and adjust the brightness and contrast so you can see all those happy smiling faces getting on with playing the music.
  7. Marcus I take it you've seen/heared this one, one of the first bits of concertina music to be dumped on u-tube, and one of thie finest in the Irish style, generally thought to be Tim Collins.
  8. Hooves Shortly after starting this thread I posted the question to the man himself on the Philharmonia orchestra site, as that is the band for which he plays bassoon, no feedback as yet. http://forum.philharmonia.co.uk/viewforum....ad20ccd39b3a353 Pete.
  9. I would leave it in those keys. Altough it is not worth anyone bidding over £550 for it cos I want it.
  10. http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/CONCERTINA-Old-marke...1QQcmdZViewItem
  11. http://comhaltas.ie/music/detail/comhaltas...ahoran_concert/
  12. Jeffries. Can't here one on the sound track though. http://www.visit4info.com/advert/Magners-C...ers-Cider/57051
  13. Not the usual bunch of comments on a U-Tube video, which usually get no further than "cool", "awsome" etc. What struck me about these two reels was the speed, so the listener can savour every note. When I last visited sessions in Clare the old guys were forever telling the young'uns to "slow down Sharron".
  14. Look you lot, Samantha has a new boyfriend and she wants to get away early, can you gee it up a bit ?
  15. Peter A long and detailed thread here...http://www.thesession.org/discussions/display/14711 about how she plays those cuts/rolls.
  16. Don't think it's Dick or Mick, too full in the figure. Looks more like Jim Bartlet, Ravensbourne morris, although he plays melodeon. Perhaps the can of Newky brown gives a clue.
  17. Yes Mark it's like "Oh no it's that bloke with the soup spoons again, ignore him and he might go away". But that "Reconciliation‚ÄĚ reel is one to learn.
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