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  1. This instrument is with a potential buyer for evaluation.
  2. The Morse is indeed still for sale. Please send me a private message and we can connect on any details of interest. I have been out of commission for a week...my apologies. Stan
  3. Due to the imminent arrival of a new concertina I am reluctantly forced to give up my Morse C/G. It was purchased new in October 2009 from The Button Box, used for 18 months reasonably steadily, and then mostly idle for the last couple of years. It is a great instrument, and a wonderful move up from the entry Rochelle and Stagi starter instruments. Condition is perfect, scratch free, always kept in a hard case (included with the sale). The key layout is Jeffries with a modification to button 1, top row, right side to be C#/C# (ala Dipper layout) and button 2, top row, right side to F#/D#. Rosewood ends. Black fitted hard case. The instrument is selling new for $2450 at The Button Box....I am asking $2,000. I will be bringing it along to the Northeast Concertina Workshop in Greenfield April 13, so if you are interested and would like to see and try out the instrument, drop me a PM. Donation to the Forum if if brings me a buyer.
  4. I'm currently the lucky owner of Paul's Rushworth and Dreaper instrument, marked 8770. According to Geoffrey it was made around the early 1900's, perhaps 1904. It has had a bellows replacement (Rosalie Dipper) and some mild reworking (pads, springs, etc) and indeed plays beautifully. SV
  5. Hi Ross, The Rushworth & Dreaper Crabb that I used for a number of years, and that was owned at various times by a few of my students and customers, was a very comfortable and great-sounding instrument (at least, when last I saw it). I don't have concertina records on my computer, or handy here, but if memory serves it was not labeled John Crabb Maker, but had a Crabb serial number suggesting it was made by a later generation of the family. I did own and pass along a few John Crabb anglos over the years, recognizable by some details in the fretwork, reeds, woodwork, and action, and a somewhat concealed maker's stamp on the *underside* (action side) of the right-hand fretwork. All of them sounded exceptionally rich, warm, and full. Some of these were stamped "Ball Beavon & Co. London" on the outside woodwork. The one I still own, still on what I believe are the original thick-fold bellows, still in original pitch, and in my restored-estimate of its original temperament, is # 8075. PG
  6. Dave, I'm interested...I sent you a PM but feel free to PM me back...stanvestal@gmail.com Thanks
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