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  1. I am working on a 20 key Lachenal at the moment.... the buttion guide pin holes seem very worn so that the buttons are sloppy; some are oval and chipped away at the top and almost all are around 4.2mm diameter, whilst the guide pins on the buttons are 3mm. I am thinking of filling the existing oversized holes with a hard setting wood filler and then redrilling 3.3mm guide holes.


    Any advice, please; Dave Elliott's excellent book is silent on this subject!


    Thank you




    Completely non-trad.....I'd thread in nylon (or delrin) setscrews and redrill them...I hate those wood fillers.......

  2. Thanks Chris....that's set me to thinking (my arbor press is waaay too big, the drill press has to long an arm).......the mill might be just right and has a solid stop....


    I have drilled a vertical #57 pilot hole for each pin to follow (the pins are .040" thick and .100" wide w/ a pointed tip).


    I'll be looking today to see if I have some type of tool holder I can adapt (?), otherwise it's making a special....

  3. Interesting experiment .It obviously depends on how loud you are playing. To get the psi I would pop down to the local Tyre repair shop.Get an old inner tube of a large diameter.cut off one end near the valve and make it airtight and fix the other end over the end of the concertina bellows,again making it airtight. Blow up the tube until you can get a reading on the tyre pressure gauge and then see what it goes up to when forcing air through the bellows. Take one reading from the other and you have the answer.

    Al :blink:


    Eek! :blink: You do know Alan is joking don't you folks! 4mbar is a bit less than 1oz per square inch! (By my reckoning)


    We know Alan is joking...but does Alan know Alan is joking ?

  4. Good question... The 73 Edeophone I'm rebuilding has the same mod..... Any idea who would have been doing that ??




    Any updates on the photo diary of the rebuild?




    Up to the gluing of the new action mounting plate (desk)....


    Pics are on the Ning site and on Facebook...


    EDIT: that last pic didn't make it on the first try...it's there now though...

  5. The case for the Edeophone 73 that I just received from Northeast Cases cost $125 US. They said they are exporting batches of (scientific ?) cases to some place in the UK. I don't know the size though.... I added the brass corners for $5...although they said they would have added them if I knew to ask...





  6. Michael please careful with the foam. I have had a few cases of this type( foam inside) cause problems. There can be a breakdown of the foam when in contact with some materials. Wood with varnish, plastics, and even metals can cause the foam to partially liquify. I have seen the Pelican branded cases go almost liquid over time with concert flutes. That may be more from oils used in the bore, but my fear is that foam is just not a good idea on a valuable instrument. Try to line the opening you make with a fabric of some type to prevent this from harming a concertina.


    Stick on wool felt lining is available at most craft shops.....look for one w/ barrier film...

  7. From the article:
    For Tedrow, the instrument’s appeal is obvious: “What other instrument combines reeds, springs, levers, fancy wood- and leatherwork, beautiful tone and lovely old-time appeal with the portability of a six-pack of beer?”

    Bob, I thought your instruments weighed much less than a (full) six pack. :unsure:

    Don't you need both, for a proper barbecue? :unsure:




    Must be the beer..I could swear he's playing that concertina backwards...

  8. Yep,

    We made it.


    From the article:

    For Tedrow, the instrument’s appeal is obvious: “What other instrument combines reeds, springs, levers, fancy wood- and leatherwork, beautiful tone and lovely old-time appeal with the portability of a six-pack of beer?”

    Bob, I thought your instruments weighed much less than a (full) six pack. :unsure:


    They don't stay full that long.......

  9. http://maccann-mccann.ning.com/


    It was easy to set up and hosts videos, pics, music etc....


    I'll be adding the rebuild photo log as well...




    Ah Ha good man Jack, I'm delighted to see you have taken the plunge! B)


    I hope you don't mind, but I've added a link to your site from both the English & the Anglo sites.


    Good luck.



    Thanks ! I'll reciprocate as soon as I figure out how !

  10. Uh Oh! It looks like different camps are forming. Next we'll be wearing different colored kilts, painting our faces and shakin' our butts at one another in cyber session wars. Anglos vs English...The MacCaann Clan, The Aola Outlaws..What's next?:unsure:




    WHERE IS...The MacCann Clan......??????


    Jack, as your the Chieftain o' that rare breed, I'll leave that up to you .... tae gather yer clan th'gither! :lol:





    Well, that was easy enough... http://maccann-mccann.ning.com/

  11. On the 73 MacCann Edeophone the action mounting board is a separate piece from the mahogany valve plate. It is made of some softer wood and is badly warped. In addition it was mounted w/ the grain in the same direction as the valve plate. It may have been glued to the valve plate or it may have glued itself when the unit got wet. In any event, it seems to be the source of most of the stress problems.


    The question at this point is whether to try to restore this plate.....and ask for the same problem in the future (?) .. or make a new mahogany mounting plate and glue (or bolt) it in w/ the grain at right angles to the valve plate....?????


    Thoughts ??

  12. Yes, I own the one...


    Some 24 years ago Stephen Chambers stayed for a few months with me on a little farm in Carlow. One day we went to northern Ireland to see a fellow he knew ( and he knows many fellows in Ireland!! ), who finally sold me his dark grey box.


    It needed some work and Stephen convinced me to have the job done by Nielsen in England - who did a great job on it.


    Its a two row three-voice no coupler dark-grey Paoli Soprani in C#/ D in good original condition and very good playing order. Its airtight and has a new bass-side leather-strap. ..and it has that incredible sound-quality and volume...


    It has the number RB280 stamped on the back???


    I have played it very little, as my main interest is in English concertinas and it has been sitting in it's leather pilot-case all those years.


    I was not planning on selling it, but there are a few very special and expensive English concertinas out there waiting for me ...


    It is definitely much better than the box that sold for almost 7000 Sterling ( see above ). So keep your offers rolling in!!!


    Details, pics or a youtube can be arranged. I'm not in a hurry!


    As an owner, Chris would be particularly nice to it......

  13. Looks like the left action plate and mounting plate will have to come apart...no other way to relieve the stress between them...



    which all prompts the question, what state are the reeds in??


    Dave E


    I've been trying to ignore the reeds until I get to that plate, but at the very least there are a few missing. The reed tips have been "loaded" so that it plays one row lower than the standard tuning. (a tenor MacCann ??) From what I've seen so far the existing reeds seem to be in decent condition. The action plates seem to be the worst.


    PS: Of course, I have your manual right at hand!

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