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  1. Yes, the concertina is still available. PM sent.
  2. Concertina is still available as a seller had to withdraw due to lack of funding.
  3. Yes, the concertina is available. As explained above, I have not learned how to play it to any demonstrable degree, but if you go to Frank Edgley's website http://www.concertinas.ca/ there is a lovely video clip of playing on the home page.
  4. For sale I have an "as new" Edgley Anglo Concertina - Professional model with angled reedpans - C/G Wheatstone - premium hand made Antonelli accordian reeds - 7 fold leather bellows - Black traditional style - Fallon pro camera style case I purchased this concertina new from fellow Canadian Frank Edgley in 2010. With my practice devoted to flutes and mandolin, I do not have enough time to really learn to play it. I have played it so little that the bellows is not yet broken in, so it is truly in mint condition. New I paid $2850 plus shipping. I am selling for $2280 plus shipping.
  5. I have done several international bank transfers. Your bank will provide the information they need from the receiving party - there are several bank codes involved. There will be two charges involved - the charge the sender's bank charges for sending the transfer AND a charge to the receiver by their recieving bank to accept the transfer.
  6. When I purchased my first concertina 6 months ago, I chose Frank because he offered a package of instructional materials (DVD and books) with his beautifully made instruments. Like many in remote locations I have no local teachers or workshops to rely on so I started from zero. Recently I noticed on my RH wooden end the finish was slightly scuffed right next to the hand bar. I emailed Frank and he suggested it was probably from the tips of my fingers, even though I keep my nails short. This makes perfect sense because I realize that I had the straps to loose and instead of keeping my fingers on the home row (like his book suggests), I had a "death grip" on the hand bar of my dominant right hand. I sent the concertina back to Frank where he touched it up at no charge. Not only was this a great gesture despite my own ignorance, he taught me an important technique point especially for wooden ended concertinas. I heartily recommend Frank Edgley for the quality of his work, his experience as a player, and his availibilty of instruction materials.
  7. To clarify, I have an Edgley ordered (Frank, the deposit is on the way) and I prefer ITM. Upon recommendation I ordered the Anglo International set from Frank. I have some whistle experience.
  8. I am a beginner with a concertina on order. Can anyone please provide a "desert island" list of anglo CDs. In addition to the tutors I have purchased (Edgely, Bramich and Levy) I would like to immerse myself in the best players. I can't afford every CD available but I am hoping to start with a collection of ten or so. Thanks in advance.
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