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  1. On mudcat there is a message from Bob Bolton that h had assembeled a CD of the playing of Rev. Alex Richards. I have his email here. I will shoot him a message and ask him about it.
  2. I know that there are a couple over in Ireland. Chris sold a couple to a music shop over there but he tells me that he does not know who ended up buying them from the shop. He tells me that they have sold though. Scott Fineran
  3. I think the Chris is a little more modest than to brag about his own work. I have just had a chat to Chris and the wood is ebony. The shot that I have put up is one that Chris sent to me during the construction and the hand straps were temporary ones that he used during the construction of the tina. If anyone is interested in some more pic's and sound clips and info, have a look at Chris's web site. www.concertina.com.au Scott
  4. Well, I thought I would get on here and see if anyone else out there is playing one of Chris's concetinas. I received mine a couple of days before christmas and it is an absolute beauty. In fact I would have to say in my opinion (Yes I know they are like A*** holes, everyone has one and a lot really stink) it would be up there with the best of the modern traditional concertina makers. It is a 30 button timber ended anglo. I think Chris said it was ebony or something similar but I am not 100% sur eof this. The craftsmanship shown in the finish is first classs and the tome is very nice. The response is great but it was how loud it can play that really surprised me. I have to say that he is doing a great job and I am surprised that I have not heard his name tossed around here on the site at some stage. Obviously some people out there know about him as he tells me that his order list is getting quite long now days. Scott Fineran
  5. Having recently been down this track with my concertina I can say that I would have liked a reserve price. I went into the sale with an idea of what I thought it was worth based on prior sales. If had the chance to put a reserve on it I would have put it on for a lower price, which obviously would have generated more interest and allowed me to make a decision based on what the market at the time would offer. As Malcolm said, there have been major changes in the global economy of late and the likes of the Aust. dollar has increased quite a bit against the other major currencies. As it was, I ended up dealing outside ebay after the auction and accepting a price that was lower. Had I been able to put a reserved there may have been others willing to pay the same or even a little more. Maybe if ebay thought about it a bit, they may realise that there is a good chance that sales will go ahead outside of their auction site if there is no reserve as it still bring buyers and sellers together and gives them the opportunitty to deal after the auction as happened in my case. Anyway, I would prefer the ability to put a reserve on some of these concertinas as they are worth a lot of money and you are contracted to go ahead with the sale at the end of the auction no matter what the final price is. With the experience that I have had, I can't see myself using ebay again as a seller though. Scott
  6. I thought the photos where in focus but anyway, like I said in the listing, I am happy to send as many photos or information as required. The problem I have with ebay here in Australia is that they seem to be making it hard to deal with them. I was happy to put a lower price if I have the ability to put a reserve on it so I had some control of the sale. They will not allow a reserve to be put on it here in Aus. I did not want to put a lot less on it than I was prepared to accept in the hope that it would reach my required price an be obliged to sell it. Whilst I take on board what you are saying, I would have expected that these instruments would generate a reasonable amount of interest and people would request any additional information required. I have seen them sell for more than I asked for when people are not even sure what key they are in and they have required bulk amounts of work to make them playable. At this stage it looks like selling for less than the $10,000 anyway. I also thought about the effects of increased petrol prices and the state of the US economy. I guess it effects everything. Scott
  7. I am not sure why there was no interest this time. It is the first one I have seen not sell and the price is less than I have seen others sell for recently. I wanted the $ 10,000 for it but if i can't get it I'll just keep it and put my other plans on hold. I don't think it is worth parting with for less than what I want. I have had offers outside ebay but they are not quite enough to make me part with it at this stage. Scott
  8. Quite right. However, this does not effect the recent rule change (in Australia) that "Paypal must be offered". It is currently at the buyers' discretion as to whether to use it or not. I can't think of any other situation where the buyer of goods can dictate to the seller the means of payment. As an eBay seller with over 300 positive feedbacks, I have twice offered Paypal at the request of the buyer and on both occasions the sale has not been completed satisfactorily, because of Paypal incompetence on one occasion and an attempted fraud by the buyer on the other. Luckily, I have suffered no financial loss from these transactions, but that is no thanks to Paypal or eBay. No, I won't sell on eBay while this rule is in force, and it seems unlikely they will change it, even if they fail to adopt the "Paypal only" rule. MC The thing is i recived an email form ebay this morning saying that they did not consider it to be third line forcing and they indicated that it was still a requirement. They calim it is for the benefit of the parties making the transactions. I may go back into my listing and see if I can remove the option now. Scott
  9. I thought about the likes of Oztion but then you are never going to get the exposure of ebay. I don't mind paying the ebay fees, I just do not like the way they force you to use Paypal and then charge like a wounded bull for the privlidge. I am sure there has to be a better way. I will see what sort of response I get and let you know how I go. Scott Scott
  10. I tried putting that I did not want to use paypal in the ad but they picked it up and then removed my listing. If the exchange fees, transaction fees and withdrawal fees are taken into account it becomes very expensive. They charge 2.5% for the conversion of currency and they also state that they have a 3.3% fee for international transactions. This on top of fees to withdraw your money and it is getting out of control. This is as I understand it anyway as I have never sold anything overseas using ebay. When they told me that I have no option on using paypal if I want to use ebay, I saw it as a practice know as "Third line forcing" here in Aus (may the same elsewhere) and it is illegal. There are a few articles on it on the web when I did a search and the government powers that be are supposed to be looking into it. Scott
  11. I tried to put my concertina on ebay last night and I believe it actually go on there for a little while. I have received an email however saying that it has been removed as i indicated that I did not want to use PAYPAL. It seems that ebay have made it compulsory to use paypal on their Aust site. Something that seems against the trading laws here but there only seems lioke lots of talk and very little action at the moment. Thing is that the fees would be huge by the time they take out their various fees and exchange rates. I could try to put it on ebay via the UK or another country of origin but hat alo seems to involve jumping through various hoops taking several days. I am well over the whole thing. There are several local auction sits but I guess they don't get the traffic of ebay. I am a bit annoyed at he moment and considering other options but nothing really jumps out as a good option. Scott
  12. Think you might have been a bit too close to the mic, hence that breathey sound as if the air button was stuck open. (Unless, of course, the air button was stuck open!) MC No I think it has more to do wth how I was playing it. I have been used to playing with bellows that leak a lot and I need to play more with the new bellows and get used to not using the air botton. Air buton works fine. Mind you I was in a small room with my young bloke running around yelling. I might try another one tomorrow when I have more time, less children around. Scott
  13. I have put a couple of basic tunes up on youtube on the concetina. Nothing to flash but it will give you an idea of the sound. http://au.youtube.com/watch?v=28YeTmkoeTE I hope that the link works. I have not heard much via this site to date so I am probably going to put it on ebay tonight or tomorrow when I get more time to do it. Scott
  14. If I was a bit more technically minded I would. I'll have a look at the youtube thing but I am not sure how I will go. I do have an older type vodeo camera but i am not sure if I can put it on the computer that easily. Scott
  15. There seems to have ben a lot of talk regarding the price of Jefries instruments in another topic on here. I have put a price on it based on the prices I have seen achieved on ebay for other instruments that are not resorted. I am however open to offers. If I feel that the offer is sufficient to part with it then it will be sold. Maybe ebay is the way to go with the sale of these instruments. Let them find their own value based on demand. Scott
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