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  1. Saltwater, I date your No. 46453 to circa 1907. My guess is that it has 56 keys ( which would be the same as No 46455). Right? And it has wood fretwork and metal keys. Right?
  2. Sheila Your Lachenal Edeophone No. 54643 was made circa 1912. [Orignial owner of No. 54626 handwrote 1912 inside. ]
  4. Some months ago, there was an inquiry about the serial numbers for Lachenal Maccann and Crane duet concertinas (I do not cite the posting, since I do not want to embarrass anybody). Someone suggested that the numbering started with a single series for both Maccann and Crane duets, and later was split into separate series for Maccann and Crane instruments. The truth is just the opposite: It started with a single series for Maccanns (John Hill Maccann Patent No. 4752, 12 March 1884). When Cranes were introduced (John Buttersworth Patent No. 21730, 28 September 1896), a separate serial numbering for Cranes was introduced. When the Buttersworth patent (owned by Crane & Sons) expired in 1910, the Cranes and Maccanns series became a single series. In the same year, 1910, Lachenall introduced the Crane/Triumph concertina, and the Salvation Army published their Triumph tutor. The new joint Maccann/Crane series commenced when the Maccann series was at about No. 2700.
  5. Ridiculous price on ETSY. I have a Lachenal tuning bellows that I will sell for US$150 plus shipping. There are two types of Lachenal tuning bellows--single set of tuning slots and double sets of tuning slots. Mine has a single set of tuning slots. As someone indicated, they are very handy when doing some tweaking of an instrument. If interested, please send me a private message.
  6. Sprunghub, I date your No 4062 to circa 1923. For your No 389, I would guess at circa 1902. Even though the Crane had been around for a while, it took quite a while for sales to grow. In 1900, advertisements in magazines (e.g. Penny Illustrated) featured concertinist/comedian Dutch Daly playing a Crane, thereby helping the sales significantly.
  7. Rod, Since you have been inside it, you must have one or more serial numbers. If you please?
  8. Bill. No 151069 - circa 1897 No 174914 - circa 1903 Mike, No 37173 - circa 1896
  9. English No 45815 made circa 1906 English No 58716 made in 1922 Anglo No 39665 made circa 1876. Note that there is no "circa" for No 58716. I am sure of the 1922 year of manufacture. I sure would like to see the full descriptions: number of keys; wood or metal fretwork, bone or metal buttons; number of bellow folds; brass or steel reeds; any unsual features?
  10. I would date 19082 as circa 1874, just after they changed from "Louis Lachenal" to "Lachenal & Co". This is the first Joseph-Highams labeled English Lachenal in my data. No. 19087 is another "Inimitable" purchased by Higham. Maybe he bought a bunch of these at the time. He later purchased more English and Anglo Lachenals.
  11. If the serial number were 51799, it would have been made circa 1878. No 46951 was sold in January 1878. I think they were making abour 5200 Anglos per year at that time. But it appears thay your number is 151799, which was made circa 1896. In the 1890s "heyday" of Lachenal Anglo production, they were making about 6500/year.
  12. bobbobs, If the number were 15604, it would have been made circa 1870. But if the number were 15604 it would have been labeled "Louis Lachenal" rather than "Lachenal & Co. My guess is that you are missing the leading digit, a "1". If the number is 115604, it was made circa 1891.
  13. I would appreciate the serial number so that I can estimate the year of manufacture.
  14. Symjockey, No 85868 was made circa 1885.
  15. SETH, Good job of your dating of No 33598. My two closest dates are next to each other--32620 (1894) and 32621 (March 1895), Given that they were making about 800 to 1000 per year in the mid-1890s, I will go with circa 1896.
  16. Mindy, No. 100294 was made in circa 1887. No. 104739 was sold on 26 April 1888. At the time, Lachenal & Co was making about 5200 Anglos per year (about 17 per day of 310 annual work days).
  17. Francisco, I estimate that No. 178403 was made in about 1908. The closest receipt of mine is a March 1906 bill of sale for an instrument in the 169000 range.
  18. Mindy, Circa 1897. ("Arch, Davenport" bought No. 144430 in 1896) ,
  19. Wunks, It is hard to estimate the date for No. 21153, because I do not have any receipts in this area. Therfore, I use the following indirect methodology: In my data, the highest numbered English Lachenal with a "Louis Lachenal" label is No 22717. After the change in ownership in 1873, Lachenal & Co. labels began to be used. However, they still had a stock of circular pan labels from the previous ownership, showing "Louis Lachenal," which they continued to use on some instruments. In some cases, the cut out the Louis Lachnel from the label. just shpwing a blank space. In other case, the left the "Louis Lachenal" on the label. A pure guess is that they used the old stock of labels until they were exhausted, after 3 or 4 years, Therefore, I estimate the year of manufacture for No 21153 as circa 1877.
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