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  1. I have a Stagi W-15 model that I would like to sell. It is a C/G concertina with 30 plastic buttons and mahogany ends. Occasionally one button will "stick," but otherwise it is a good instrument and well cared for. I purchased it new but haven't played it much. I'm selling for the money to use toward the purchase of an autoharp. They sell new for around $900; I would take $500-600 for this instrument. I can send photos or answer any questions. I live in Iowa, USA. Thanks, Jeff
  2. Don't know whether you've already made your purchase of the Rochelle, but I have a 30-button Stagi that I will sell. It's the W-15 model, which sells news for around $900. Mine is used but in great condition. It's more of the standard size that you think of for a concertina; the Rochelle is larger. Contact me if you're interested. I can send photos or answer any questions. Thanks, Jeff
  3. FOR SALE: One of Bob Tedrow’s standard model Anglo concertinas; 30 buttons, C/G. Built in 2008, the instrument has received little use and is in excellent condition. Bob inspected and corrected one button-sticking problem this fall but otherwise reported it to be in fine, working order. This model is currently priced at $2250 on his website; will sell for $1400 OBO. Can email photos if necessary. I am selling due to lack of interest in playing. The instrument has no case. I will pay shipping but only ship within USA. Contact me at jeffn60 <at> gmail.com if interested.
  4. I have a Rochelle model (made by Concertina Connection) Anglo concertina (C/G, 30 buttons) for sale. I purchased it new from Button Box in Massachusetts and have since acquired a more expensive instrument. It is in excellent condition and has been well cared for. This Rochelle is the “first-generation” model and would be a good starter instrument for someone. I'm asking $275, which includes the shipping to your home plus the soft case and tutor book that came with it. I paid around $340 for it new. Let me know if you're interested by sending an email or the messenger service here. Jeff Nayadley jeffn60 <at> gmail <dot> com
  5. Carel Kraayenhof is another great bandoneon player. I first heard of him (and the instrument) on a PBS special during which he played with violinist Joshua Bell. Jeff
  6. Just wandering whether anyone here was going to the concertina class with Mary MacNamara at St. Louis Tionol on Saturday, April 17? Jeff
  7. This has been interesting reading, and I've learned a lot from the replies. Thanks, guys! A great help you all are. One of the members was kind enough to send me information on the preferred method for playing the D scale in the Murphy/Hill school of thought. So, now I see better what you're writing about. This has been doubly interesting to me, as I've signed up for one of Noel's classes here in the States this summer. I'm looking forward to it despite misgivings about being at the bottom of the heap as a beginning player.
  8. What fun! I've heard that tune for years and never knew the name of it. Thanks for the cheer!
  9. I am working to learn tunes that I'll play with my quartet. As a beginning player, I wouldn't dare go solo. There's safety in numbers, and they provide a good cover for my mistakes! Right now, I'm working on Arran Boat Song, La Vie en Rose, Lady and the Grenadier, Scarborough Fair, Ye Banks & Braes, The Orange Rogue, Kesh Jig, Midwinter Waltz, Planxty Fanny Power.
  10. I'm glad you asked about this, Kevin, because I have been wondering about the same thing as a beginning player. I've come to the conclusion that my three choices are: (1) pressing the same button twice, (2) using two different buttons when available, (3) using the bellows to create a slight separation between the two identical notes. Are there others options? Which is best? Jeff
  11. I second this -- I have The Irish Concertina by Mick Bramich and it has a very systematic explanation, with diagrams, of a number of different cross-row techniques (the book assumes you know how to read music, but nothing else concertina-specific). Playing this way is used in ITM primarily in order to be able to go faster. eg, if you can play a difficult section by finding all the notes you need on the pull, rather than pumping in-and-out, you might be able to do it faster. I'm a beginner, and I'm only about half-way through Bramich's book, but it's been really helpful so far. Thanks, Jeff. I do have Mick's book and am working my way through it also. This in part prompted my question, as I wondered why this technique wouldn't work well for all music and was limited to Irish tunes.
  12. I am a beginning Anglo player. I need to say this before asking my questions. I am confused about the meaning of “playing in the Irish style” as I often read in connection with this the mention of “playing across the rows.” I think I understand this idea but fail to understand how this differs from playing other repertoire on the concertina. So, if I were to play, for example, Sunshine on My Shoulders or Greensleeves, I wouldn’t want (or need?) to play in the Irish style or across the rows? What exactly defines the Irish style and differentiates it from other styles? What are the other styles? I have other questions as a beginner, but this one in particular has been bugging me. I know there’s no better group to ask than you folks, so thanks in advance for your help. Jeff
  13. I have a 20-button Anglo C/G concertina for sale. I purchased it one year ago from John Castiglione for the whopping sum of $190. I was interested in learning to play the Anglo concertina and didn't want to put a lot of money into an instrument that perhaps I wouldn't continue with. I have since purchased a 30-button instrument and am continuing with learning. So, the 20-button is for sale. I am asking $120 plus shipping from my home in Iowa to yours. I would be happy to email a couple of photos to anyone interested. The label on the instrument says it was made in Germany; it measures about 7.5" across. Drop me a note at jeffn60 <at> gmail.com if interested. Thanks, Jeff
  14. Randal, I looked at the website, and it looks very interesting. I did not notice a breakdown in levels for Florence's classes. Will she include teaching for beginners in her classes? Does she teach all levels at once? Thanks, Jeff
  15. Thanks much, guys! The listing is just what I was hoping for. Perhaps I can plan a vacation next year around one of those events. Rod, thanks for the note about the squeeze-in later this month. Sounds great, but it's awful short notice for me, especially since I'll be away in early October. Hey, Greg, would you know Steve Maurice's member name on the forums so that I might drop him a line or perhaps find out which part of my state he lives in? Is the John Williams (Chicago) you mentioned the same one who has the instructional DVD? Jeff
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