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  1. Hi Leo, I actually found your site on another post on this forum. I was in Rowlett several months back attending a wedding but didn't have the tina bug at the time so had no knowledge of your business. I have family in the Denton area so I'll look you up next time I'm in the area, although your instruments may be a little out of my league for my level of expertise. I'd like to see and play a real concertina. JoeMike
  2. Apparently I would have to travel some distance to try a tina for myself and even then the selection would probably be limited. Lots of accordions but no tinas in my area. Of course that's why I'm turning to experienced owners for advice. Yes I know that quality concertinas are expensive but because of the situation stated above and the fact that I would not quiet call myself an intermediate yet it's hard to bring myself to buy something that will be in excess of $1000 on-line. Thanks for the input and keep it coming I need all the help I can get.
  3. Thanks all for the advise. Before reading the replies I was thinking of a Stagi W15-LN advertised as having "new improved action" but apparently the consensus points to the Rochelle. Plus I'm less reluctant to pay $340 rather than $770 for something I can't put my hands on. The action on mine is rather stiff and slow. I know from playing guitar for many years that much diligent practice is required to become proficient but I also know that a quality instrument can improve playing enjoyment greatly.
  4. I currently have a Renelli Italian made, 20 button that my wife bought for me that I’ve been playing for a while and am looking to upgrade to a higher quality 30 button. I'm reluctant to spend a huge amount at this time so I need advice and suggestions on a beginner/intermediate instrument in the $500 to $750 range (US dollars). I live near San Antonio, Texas and it's as if none of the local music stores have even heard of a concertina so I'll probably be buying online. Any help will be much appreciated. Thanks, JoeMike
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