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  1. Was at the Crotty Concertina Festival in Killrush a few days ago and at one of the many sessions I was sitting next to a really good Irish Anglo player (nothing new there). Talking to her later it transpired she had a Suttner G/D which amazed me as I had thought you needed a C/G to do that special Irish fingering. So my question is, does anyone have information on Irish style fingering sequences for the G/D? Playing around with my own G/D. if you imagine it's a C/G and do fingering as you would for the key of G then on the G/D you end up with the D key but I can't figure out how you get a fingering sequence for the G scale on the D/G (other than just going up the G row that is). By the way the festival was magic, so many top grade anglo players there. A must for anyone interested in Irish music.
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