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    My interests are traditional and folk music, mainly galician, in all its ways, books, scores, photographs, 78 rpm old discs.
    I play diatonic accordion, angloconcertina, and galician bagpipes in the closed fingering ancient style. I play usually with my twin brother, Cástor, that plays wooden flute and bouzouki.
    Other interests are martial arts, mainly taekwondo and haidong gumdo (the way of the korean sword), old books, including antique grimoires and esoteric books, travelling, etc.
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    ourense - galiza - spain

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  1. Hello Felix! I'm not sure if it was you, but I think I saw you playing a galician munieira with the concertina in youtube, I loved it!. Anyway, it is great to have a galician musician in this forum!

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