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  1. Thank you for watching my clips and replying with good advice! it is very much appreciated and also being put into practice!

  2. Sound's like the most credible explanation for Morris origin i've heard
  3. Hello. I'm new to this forum and indeed the Concertina. I've recently felt compelled to get one after hearing Andy Turner's playing. English syle Anglo sounds so thoughtfull and happy; plus being English and away from the land of my birth reminds me of home somehow. My squeze box doesn't sound much like his but i have been practicing hard, there's a video channel on YouTube "PorkpieMariner" that has been very helpfull for learning by ear too. However the question i have is about tepo. My left to right hand co-ordination seems to be developing okay but after recording my pratice's (mobile phone) i've noticed a few timing issues. I'd like to know if there are "Corect" tempo's? An ebay bought metronome should be arriving any day soon and i wondered if anyone has avice about what speed to set it at? I know there are some great players on this forum Peter Timming and Alan Day are just two i've listened to and admired through YouTube so if people here would be kind enough to and To watch my recent recordings and offer advice toward my improvemet, i will be very gratefull! Thank's; Adam
  4. Any chance ofsome kind of sound smple??
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