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    My name is Brad Mudge, I play a Morse Albion Treble and Baritone EC. Also, I play the Cittern and an Octave Mandolin.
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    Tokyo, Japan

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  1. My first EC was a Stagi. It served me well untill I recieved my Morse EC. Though I dont play the Stagi much I do bring it with me when I go to my favorite pubs. I play some tunes on the Morse and then break out the Stagi for the listners to have a go on. Its a lot of fun showing folks how to play a Concertina. Brad
  2. 2. In 2003, the English musician and singer Dick Miles, who now lives in Co. Cork, entered the Co. Cork concertina competition with his English concertina -- and won (Living Tradition magazine isue 58 Sep/Oct 2004). It seems that the Irish themselves have much less of a problem with the EC than some anglophobic Irish-Americans. Wow, that gives me some ammunition for sure. I have a few of Dick Miles' CD's and really love them. I come across many "Anglophobic" Americans, Canadians and Japanese. (as I live in Japan) One of the many reasons I dislike going to sessions in Tokyo is because of the looks and attitudes I get from people when I open a Concertina case with an EC in it. Its like I'm commiting a greavious sin by useing an EC for Irish music. Just my two cents on this. -Brad Tokyo Japan
  3. Brad, if Tina and Barry have progeny, I'd be more than happy to adopt one! Mark, I'll do up some adoption papers in advance. Bari has a few things to learn yet as Tina is a bit more experianced and broken in. But things are looking good. Keep ya posted! Brad
  4. Yes, I must agree that the Morse Albion is a fantastic Concertina. I've had the treble for a few months now, number 217 and just recieved the Morse baritone number 250. Wow, what a nice deep growl on those lower buttons. Wedding next month for Tina and Barry. Someday hope to have little squeeze boxes running around the house. Cheers Brad
  5. I would love to have a MIDI Concertina. I could hook it up to a fuzz box and reverb it, maybe a wawa peddle, plug into an amp and play Iron Butterfly's Inagadadavida!! DA DA DADADA DA DA DA DA!!! -Brad
  6. You know Jim, I was just thinking the same thing. The gym bag thing sounds like a good idea. Alot cheaper going that route and I could carry all those extra little things in the bag as well as my gym socks. Maybe its better to keep Bari and Tina seperated. Dont need little tenors running around the house just yet. Yeah it was the Who. Mama's got a squeeze box daddy never sleeps at night!!! -Brad
  7. Thanks all for the replys. When the Baritone arrives, your all invited to the wedding. Do you Bari, take Tina to be your lawful wedded squeeze box........ -Brad
  8. Well I have to say that I have Ccad. I just bought a Baritone Morse English to go with the Treble Morse English. My poor Stagi must feel neglected. Rather then having to carry two cases with me to sessions or what not, I would like to get a double blocked case for the two tina's. Does anyone out there know of a good place to get such a case? -Brad
  9. Hello all, I just heard Dick Miles play Cape Clear from his CD. This is a beautiful air. I have searched high and low trying to find the dots for it. Does anyone have the sheet music for it or now where I could find it? Thanks a bunch! Brad
  10. Even more rare is that you are a traditional Irish music musician playing an English! Well, Im an American that plays Irish music on an English Concertina living in Japan. Is that rare or what??
  11. Wish I could go to the Squeeze in this year, but its a bit far from Tokyo Japan. I guess Id better start saving up some money to catch the next one. Richard, I've been having the best time with my new Albion Treble. I love it!!! Now all I need is the Baritone! Cheers Brad
  12. Hello to everyone. This is my firt time here. Saw my name mentioned and had to sign up and become a member. Below is an email I recieved from the Concertina Connection pertaining to the Foot Bass. Cheers Fuzzy-Tina At the moment we don't have any foot basses available. We normally produce one small series of ca. 10 instruments per year. We're planning to make a new series later this year (November/December). If you want to, I can include you on our pre order list. The distance between the buttons are standard. Regards, Wim Wakker Concertina Connection
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