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  1. ..and here he is in 1990 in less normal dress, but maybe relevant for where he was at the time - collecting his MBE!
  2. This is just to let you know that myself and Bryan 'Trooper' Hawes of this list are hosting a session of tunes and songs at the Hastings Jack in the Green Festival this year. It will be on the Sunday evening (6th May) at about 19:30 in the White Rock Hotel which is opposite Hastings Pier. The Hotel bar is non-smoking and it sells a number of decent Kent and Sussex Ales. The manager has promised some Dark Star Hophead, a wonderful session ale, for those that might have met that. So there'll be at least 2 anglo players there with mostly English tunes plus a smattering of Breton and Galician and anything else that visitors come up with. If you're around, we hope to see you there. Alan Jeffries and Bryan Hawes.
  3. I shall be there, since I live here in Hastings anyway! I'll be dancing with Mad Jack's Morris and you'll be quite welcome to join us at 05:00 on top of the West Hill when we dance in the dawn on May 1st with the other local teams and any others who can be bothered to get up. Watching the sun rise over the East Hill, should we be lucky enough, is something really special. Yes, the Stag is one place to go, there's always music going on there. Or also the Royal Standard (sea front) on Friday night and the Duke Of Wellington (High Street) on Sunday lunchtime are worth visiting. Also the Jennie Lind (High Street) and for the beer festival go to the First In Last Out (Filo) also in the High Street. I'm hoping the the other man mentioned (Bryan) will be around since he's just got his recently acquired Wheatstone anglo back from renovations with Andy Norman and I want to try it out. If you want to know anything else, please contact me off line at mail@alanjeffries.co.uk. Alan Jeffries St. Leonards-On-Sea East Sussex
  4. If only I had known, I would have taken one when I was there last Saturday with the Greensleeves Morris Men having a session after dancing for the crowds at the Lord Mayor's Show. A yearly event for us. It reminds me of when Rev. Kenneth was alive and we used to point the goblin out to him and remark that it was similar looking. "Don't be silly, my boy, it looks nothing of the kind, now mine will be a small* malt whisky!" (* Kenneth speak for treble or larger if you could get it). Alan Jeffries (currently listening to the wonderful Anglo International CD)
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