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  1. I am performing solo from Sat, Aug 22 until Fri Aug 28 at Whitby Folk Week - looking forward very much to meeting up again with Alistair Anderson( who I met at Dartmoor Folk festival and John Kirkpatrick ( who I bumped into at Sidmouth ), plus all and any other concertina players. My gigs at Whitby include the following, which may be of interest to concertina players of all systems. Even if you don't have a duet I hope I can give you suggestions about repertoire,performance/ arrangements and song accompaniment: "FOLK AND BEYOND ON THE DUET CONCERTINA" Mon, Aug 24 10.00- 11.20 in the Conservative Club Bar) Geoff Lakeman explores music ( especially songs) he's developed on the duet concertina- in particular 1920's/ 30's jazz standards, country blues and contemporary/ modern songs.For those interested, I will also have with me a virtually mint/ vintage ( 67 yrs old) Wheatstone Triumph/ Crane duet for sale (approx £2,000 ).It has 55 buttons, nickel-plated ends and six-fold bellows , brass reeds and a mellow tone particularly suited to song accompaniment.
  2. Hi - I've just returned from the Dordogne in France where it was clipping 40 degrees - I played my concertina in the shade...and made sure it was snugly in its case and tucked away in our camper van between sessions when not in use.It coped OK -if anything, in Cornwall/Devon, where I live, the sometimes damp and colder climate can make the action every so slow and clunky - so I think it en joyed Belle France.
  3. Hi Jodie - looks like you are well north and east of us on this Nov tour - but if I've got a gig that way I\\ try and catch up with you at one. "Let the music keep your spirits high" Geoff
  4. David- I'm booked for the Baring-Gould Fest mentioned above in Oct. And there will be plenty of other concertina players around. Plus other sessions in the area during the week before and after
  5. Yes, well I note all of Stephen's points and he is bound to be more knowledgable, being where he is. But the question was- what's the most someone has paids for a concertina ?( not, " how much are people paying now") And the other answers on this forum seem to indicate that £10,000 HAS ben paid at least once. And then that mention of $12,000 US equates to somewhere around £10,000 ( depending on the exchange rate at the time) But, I agree with Stephen... really good machines can command 3, 4 and £5,000 but that's all people are willing ( or are able to afford ) to pay these days.It'd all relative
  6. I heard - or read somewhere- that a very good Jeffries anglo made around £10,00, either in Ireland or the USA. The really good Jeffries instruments - favoured for ITM - frequently go for £5/6/7,000 apparently.I was talking to someone in Sussex last weekend who was bemonaning the fact that there are so few Jeffries duets left in the world ( rare in themselves)One of the reasons for this is that Irish-style players rate the Jeffries machines so much that they will pay top dollar for a rare Jeffries duet ( fiendish as it is ) and then pay a craftsman to convert it into an anglo.Sort of sacrilege, because it robs the original instrument of its " integrity." ( if, like me, you are a duet player, albeit Crane)- but then again, perhaps not, because these adapted, vintage instruments are still amongst the best out there and it means they are preserved and continued to be played.
  7. Rich - Praise de Lord you chose a Crane duet ! Hope we can meet up one day. In the meantime look at previous threads ( videos etc) of my duet playing which may give you a few ideas about accompaniment. "Let the music keep your spirits high"
  8. Wow - this is one I wish I could contribute to/ take part in.I could " steal" a few ideas, since I've been asked to do a concertina workshop at this year's Whitby Folk Festival in North Yorkshire.Mine will be concentrating on the Crane Duet ( since it is the only system I play) and also on " Folk and Beyond "...exploring music, other than folk,particularly my interest in 1920's/30 jazz standards. Jody Kruskall and I had fun twiddling around a few of these when he stayed with me this year
  9. I can't fault the Button Box - a unique place in the Northern Hemisphere.I have visited there and, in particular, the staff are expert and eager to please. But... if you have a bit of money and would really like a ( not too expensive) second-hand vintage anglo, don't forget the amazing Barleycorn Concertinas in England run by Chris Algar. He's been at it for decades, is most trustworthy and reliable. His instruments always go out " playable", ie: in concert pitch, all buttons,levers, pads, bellows working etc.I've only ever dealt in duets with Chris..but he must always have a room -full of anglos of every shape and size. Dont be put off by the fact that it is on the other side of the Atlantic.He sends and recommends you use a very reputable shipper ( which includes adequate insurance etc) and will probably take the instrument back if it is not for you. But, if it is a pretty stadard 30-button Anglo you want, you won;t go far wrong with Chris.
  10. Hi Randy - Good stuff on the English... but there's an interesting " intro/ verse " to the song as well you could add. Have a listen to my version on Crane duet ( I sing it as well) If you Google Youtube Geoff Lakeman you'll find about five song videos of mine.. including "I only have eyes for you"
  11. Hi Steve- I think the only 20/30's song that is up on youtibe is " I only have eyes for you " which is a slow ballad- but I'll try and find time to add some more upbeat Tin P{an numbers.
  12. Hi - an early " heads up" to any Northern concertina players ( especially duet). I have two solo gigs in Yorkshire next week. Weds, April 29 I'll be at Pete Coe's club, The Works in Sowerby Bridge. On Friday, May 1, I'm opening the first-night concert at Wath Festival ( nr Sheffield) for Greg Russell and Ciaran Algar and Blackbeard's Tea Party. Also, since I am in the area, I'll pop along and do a spot at York's Black Swan Folk Club on Thurs , April 30. It would be great to meet up with any other' tina 'geeks'.I'll be playing a mixture of my own songs, English, Irish and Scots songs, old time, country blues and jazz.I might even drop some Randy Newman, Richard Thompson, Hank Williams and Louvin Bros. in the mix as well ! I'm also booked solo for Whitby Folk Week in August- so, again, hopefully a chance to meet concertina players from all systems from 'oop north- and perhaps even a few other Crane Duets?
  13. Lakeman

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    HI lilli - I have a Wheatstone , metal-ended, brass reeded, 55-button Crane duet in mint condition. £2000. I have more details and photos if you are interested.
  14. Hi squeezers - anybody in the west country over the next couple of days? I have two solo gigs at cracking venues over the next two nights- very different vibes but please c'mon down if you want to hear blues/folk/jazz on a 90 yr-old duet concertina and a 67 yr-old voice. Tonight, Thursday, April 16 I'm at The legendary Blues Bar , in Plymouth's historic/pretty Elizebthan Barbican quarter, from about 9pm. (It's next to the Old Custom House on the cobbled quay). I'll be emphasising the blues. jazz vibe with stuff from Fats Waller, Louise Armstrong, Jimmie Rodgers, The Louvin Brothers, Hoagy Carmichael, Bessie Smith & Ma Rainey etc..and my favourite, Randy Newman// but I'll throw in a few more folksy songs and tunes as well. FRIDAY, April 17, follow me about 15 miles inland, up the River Tamar, to the umbelievably quaint riverside village of Calstock( which is just inside the Cornish border) where I'll be performing at the converted Chapel Arts Centre - rapdily becoming on of the gems on the west country acoustic music scene.Sensational views behind the stage of the River Tamar and Brunel's famous railway viaduct...some people still come to the gig by train from Plymouth ! You can just about catch the last train back to the city.. and the trip is unique. I'll be doing a more folky set here, including Cornish mining stuff, some of my own songs, talking about the history/systems of concertina and getting people generally to have a jolly good Friday evening sing-song.Wolf - if you are reading this ( Old Blue Sailor) this is the same little riverside village where you heard my jazz trio in the pub. The Chapel Arts Centre is on the hill as you come on up out of the valley. Wish you could be here !
  15. John Adey - I'm toddling along to the very good monthly session at The Oak in South Brent tonight (Thurs, Feb 19) - just down the road from you. I'll take the mics in case you want to pop along and have a butchers. Geoff
  16. Hi - I have a pair of AKG gooseneck mics that fit onto top of either side of conertina with velcro. We are not far from each other if you want to pop over and have a look at them.I'm in Buckland Monachorum near Yelverton. My email is geoffreylakeman@btinternet.com
  17. Hi Chas - it was good to meet you. Thanks for turning out for the gig, which I enjoyed immensely . And thanks too for your kind comments.Someone who organises Bournemouth Folk Club was there too and has promised to book me and I;ve been given details of Ringwood F>C> But I'm next in your area very soon at Seend Avcoutic Music Club on on Weds, March 4. It would be good to see you again- and perhaps you can drag a few other ' tina players along ?
  18. HI - VISIT THE EDEN PROJECT WEBSITE - OR JUST GOOGLE World Pasty Championships. It's on Saturday, Feb 28th...and of this cold spell continues until then it will be nice and cosy inside one of those big biodomes.
  19. Hi Jody - I did "When the taters are all dug" and included "Stumptail Dog" in a tune set - with due credit to your good self."Let the music keep your spirits high"
  20. Heading East for my solo gig tonight (Fri, Feb 6) at Wessex Acoustic Music Club in Blandford Forum, Dorset (Briish Legion).Come and hear the " squeezer geezer" on duet / vocals perform folk, jazz and country blues. Also- for a Cornishman- the ultimate gig! Just been booked for The World Pasty Championships at the fabulous Eden Project later this month. It takes place in one of the giant bio-domes ('twill be nice and cosy if this big freeze is still hanging around). My old mates Fishermen's Friends and other Cornish muso's will be there / A modest fee- but FREE pasties ! ( and, presumably, the best in the world )What's not to like?
  21. Hiya squeezers in the south/west of England . If you are around, and can get there, I have a solo gig this FRiday, Feb 6, at the Wessex Acoustiuc Music Club, held at the British Legion in Blandford Forum, Dorset.I can promise you English/Irish/Scottish folk, some of my own west country songs and a fair sprinkling of 1920/30\'s jazz and country blues like Jimmie Rodgers, the Louvin Brothers. And even ol' Hank Williams. Never heard a duet concertina? Then try and get along.
  22. Yes, I should have thought of Colin......but he always seem to have a long waiting list for new instruments. Nigel doesn't make brand new, whole instruments but concentrates on repairs and tuning and might therefore be more able to fit you in.Either gent is an internationally-renowned craftsman . I honestly don't know if Nigel is related to Lisa the step dancer..He and his wife are great musicians and well into dance , including running a ceilidh band
  23. Nigel Sture who lives in south Devon is your man ! He rebuilds/tunes and tickles up all sorts of concertinas- and is one of the experts used by Chris Algar of Barleycorn Concertinas ( probably the biggest reputable dealer in the world ) I haven't got Nigel's details to hand- just Google his name, it'll come up. He will also advise you of the reliable insured/postal/package door-to-door delivery service he uses.Having said that- if you are this way it's alovely way to waste a few hours poking around his workshop and seeing the fascinating instruments on his bench."Let the music keep your spirits high"
  24. I would absolutely love to be there - but it's a bit far ! I made the NESI one year and very much hope to get back there but your gathering sounds interesting and very inclusive . I Have had my dose of USA concertina, however, this year since one talented Mr Jody Kruskall has recently spent four days staying with me. we played together at one of his gigs and enjoyed two immense sessions with other leading west country musicians.Mick Bramich - author of two of the best-selling manuals on how to play anglo, was at one. At another- in my local pub - Jody and I played along to "Canadee-io" with none other than folk legend Nic Jones, who lives a few doors away from me. All in all, some superb music.At one of the sessions there was a good mix of English, anglo, duet and melodeon , playing everything from Irish jigs and reels, to Cajun and French.Breton, old English country dance tunes... and a good sprinkling of jazz.Bog thanks, by the way, to Concertina/net...it is from here that I learned a stonking old timey tune "Stumptail Dog" fron one of Jody's Tune of the Month. A couple of other Devon musicians have picked it up from me- and Jody was astounded, when in the middle of an old timey set, we all launched into it, with Jody cottoning on in a split-second. He said it was a tune that is not even played around that much in old timey sessions.When he and I played togeher at Bodmin Folk Club I sang "I'mn using my bible as a road map", then tacked " Waiting for the Feds" and "Stumptail Dog" on the end. Some real shit-kicking music going on there !! "Let the music keep your spirits high"
  25. I have fond memories of chatting to Harry and Neville Crabb at their Islington Road workshops...they showed me around and even showed me some very fancy duets they were making for themselves. I was new to the instrument but they introduced me to the London ( or was it North London) Concertina Band. I wasn;'t mch use to it at tjhe time- too new to the instrument - and I could not read music. But I did get to meet the legendary Tommy Williams... the tiny man with BIG hands. Remember him playing "Battersea in Springtime " The Crabb firm and family are part of our musical and artisan heritage in the UK
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