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  1. Hello, Is the instrument still for sale, as of April 14, 2013? A few questions: What is the exact range? (I have a 48 key Lachenal Edophone, so I'm not sure where the extra notes on a 56 key lie. But presumably lower). Do you have an approval period, even a short one? (Assuming you have my credit card info.) Are shipping and insurance included in the price? Yes, I would like to hear a clip of it playing. Pictures would also be nice. Thank you, Kim Hughes khughes@sonic.net
  2. Hi, My Lachenal Edeophone (48 key treble) has developed a severe, recurring problem (i.e., one that reoccurs after it's been fixed) less than two weeks before I need it to play in three concerts (April 26, 27 and 28). So far the repair people I've found all have waiting lists, and the chances for getting the problem solved before the concert series aren't looking good. Does anyone have an English 'tina they'd be welling to rent or loan between now (4.13.2013) and the end of the concert series (April 28, 2013)? I would pay all UPS or FedEx shipping costs, as well as a rental fee. I live in Sonoma, CA, about an hour north of San Francisco and the East Bay. I'd be hugely grateful for help or suggestions! Kim Hughes (khughes@sonic.net)
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