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  1. Having got on pretty well in terms of picking up melodies on the EC, I'm wondering if anyone is 'out there' in the London area who could give me some help making the step-up to chords etc? PM's gratefully received. Hugo
  2. I have just come across a Wheatstone treble English from approx the First World War era. On investigation it appears to have Lachenal (of Bedford Row) reed pans. Wolf in sheeps clothing or the practice of the time? Eb
  3. Can someone tell me how to do B,C#,D if you don't have a C# on (17)? ie I can't do (14), (17), (15). At the moment I am doing (14), (16 push), (15) - but that's a lot of pushing all at once; it works if I'm careful and use the D on (22) from time to time. Any inspiration? E
  4. Thanks Chris, I can't find anything more about these on the web - any more info' would be really good. If you haven't any - no bother. Thanks E
  5. I'm in the UK and have just got hold of a 30 key Lachenal Anglo. However, it came in the sort of case we used to keep single vinyl records - not very kind to the instrument. - Apart from shops like Hobgoblin (who seem to be perpetually out-of-stock), I can't see a place to get a decent case. - Also I can't tell if (when I look at one on the net) the case actually IS decent. Anyone with any ideas? Thanks
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