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  1. Very good! Thank you very much Boney! I didn't know about this, first time I see. I never met this kind of songs in the irish trad, but from now on I will be ready. I recognise you from youtube! good videos, you play concertina very well. I have the feeling that I'm going to learn a lot about concertina and music in general in this forums. Good! All the best! Fernando
  2. The song is called Dilín Ó Damhsa, well known in Ireland, they teach this song to the children in the school. Even irish people that are not into traditional music may know this song. I strongly believe this song could be in a compound time signature. I would love to confirm this with someone. I have my own opinion as how it could be the time signature: I think each part, that is played only once, has the following structure: - Two bars at a 9/8 (slip jig) - One bar at a 12/8 (slide) - One bar at a 9/8 (slip jig) But I'm not sure, I don't have much theory of music. But I'm pretty sure there is something funny with the ryhthm. And this is the first time I see something like this in Irish Traditional Music, a pure traditional tune with not a fixed time signature! If anyone could give me a hand on this would be vey much appreciated
  3. Fernando, spaniard living in Galway, Ireland I play english concertina, irish and spanish music. I'm taking concertina lessons with Noel Hill, and I am the only one with the english system! And I'm not going to change because since I saw Simon Thoumire playing I will always have hope. I love to play in all the keys I can, even the really uncommon ones, english concertina is well suited for that. If there are more english concertinas in Ireland I want to meet them! (Rick Epping and Mick Kinsella are a bit too high level for me)
  4. Realy good site indeed! thanks! they have it very well organised. I like the tune searcher, because there is an option that allows you to choose the country and another for the time signature, nice!
  5. ei Fernando! Que pasa tio! companiero concertinero! sabes que? me voy a comprar una concertina, en enero a Inglaterra que me voy a comprarla. Me voy a ir a Chris Algar y me pondre a probarlas hasta que de con una que me guste. Me voy a gastar un paston pero me da igual, necesito una concertina decente ya de ya

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