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  1. Anybody interested in playing in all keys? I'm trying with my English Concertina, if somebody is interested we can talk about this Anglo players included, I would like to know the possibilities for them as well Fernando
  2. Thanks for this! I remember well this man, I saw him in a concertina festival in Kilrush, Ireland, on August 2008. He's so good! very fine music he did there, nice ragtimes I remember I love the first tune! I wonder where it is from, american?
  3. Good stuff Dick! I'm beginning to recognise the scottish accent in the songs hehehe I like the english concertina at the end
  4. The fourth video, the last tune that Niamh NĂ­ Charra plays, it's Galician! very good! that was a surprise for me. Very common this tune among the Galician bagpipers, she plays that very well!
  5. Thank you Boney! I wish I were able to count the rhythms, and to recognise all keys as well! I just found out in internet that 11/8 is another of the time signatures that are played in the Balkans All the best, Fernando
  6. Thanks for the videos! I specially liked the fella playing the morris dance tune (the first video). I also liked a lot the tune Diabolo Lyon (the third video). Do anybody know the first time signature they play? I suppose they play after it the same tune but in a reel. Fernando
  7. I love Scan Tester's Country Stepdance and Paddy Carey's! thanks a lot for the tunes! Fernando
  8. Nothing better than a Ineluctable Opinionmaker for debating! And what you are saying in there It's very debatable indeed. You know what? I love to watch these youtube videos, actually I'm always waiting for this member of the forum to post them. There are very talented people in youtube, really good ones. People who are not professional musicians but play at the very same level (I'm not one of them). Not access to computers? you must be joking, no comment on that Those talented people that you say, have no urge for exhibitionism because they want that the only way people can listen to them is by paying their cds
  9. fernando

    Small Hands

    Lovely those videos with children playing! I will tell you something that happened to me that relates to this matter: I'm the only adult in my class with Noel Hill in Galway City. One day it took my eye that one child, one of the smallest, and one of the best players as well, was playing the air button with the index finger! He was always doing that. I thought: Why does Noel allow this? this is clearly a bad habit. I didn't know if I should bring out the matter... I was a bit afraid... maybe he would take offense... But one day I did it! and it was like this: - Me: Noel, have you noticed that this child is using the index finger for the air button? - Noel: ah, that's right Fernando! I've seen that many times, they cannot reach it with the thumb. But they will eventually, when the hand grows. They will change the fingering and they will be sorted, there is no problem. - Other girl: yes, I remember when I used to play that button with the index finger, but now I can use my thumb because it it big enough. Incredible!
  10. Two years for the concertina? well, we are not going to learn like the children do, they learn so fast. I learnt that the best approach to learning an instrument is to do it little by little. Each time I stop practising I try to do it when having a good feeling, not not when I already feel frustrated. Doing so, I know the day after I will be ready to play again. More than likely I wont reach a high level of playing, because I started late, when I was 30 years of age, but who cares!. I almost play everyday, and I can tell you, I can have the same fun with my playing as the people that play at a professional level, or even more. This is my hobby, and this is the most important thing for me. I hope you enjoy your playing to the fullest LTD! We will always listen all the recordings that you put in this forum All the best! Fernando
  11. For me as long as it is possible to recognize the tune is ok. There are different levels of playing, beginner, advance and so on, what I love of this forum is that everybody can share the tunes they just learned. Two months with the fiddle? It sounds well! keep it up! Fernando
  12. This is so nice! I'm amazed listening this music so well played, it is lovely
  13. Sounds very well Dick, and beautiful instrument indeed! Fernando
  14. I didn't know that. That's really quite interesting, because if I would play jazz, I would do this at a session. But one thing Hyp, when I say this, I'm talking about the sessions that you normally find in Ireland. They usually are without any means of amplification, no mics. But from the little I know from jam sessions in jazz, they are usually with mics. Then there wouldn't be any problem for you.
  15. You are right in there, I agree with that. Noel told me that once. What I say about the English Concertina playing Irish Music has to be proved, it is the only way people is going to believe in what I'm trying to see. I'm going to try to do it myself. But if it's not me, I'm sure there will be someone someday. Thanks for the ergonomics tip. At the moment I have no problems with mine. But it is true that the volume of the Anglo is a way more powerful than with the English. I usually have problems to listen myself when I'm playing in Noel Hill class. All the other concertinas in the class are Anglos, and they are so loud! And I bought the loudest English Concertina that Chris Algar had! That's something to take note of as well, English concertinas are not very good for playing in sessions where there are a few other musicians Cheers, Fernando
  16. Hello Mike, Well, most of the people think this. And some people think like me, that is: - It is very possible to play the English Concertina with the same feeling as the Anglo. Even when playing Irish Traditional Music. The thing is that most of English Concertina players don't use the bellows to get that bouncing feeling that the Anglos get. Which doesn't mean that it cannot be done, it is perfectly possible to do it. I will say even more, with an English Concertina it is possible to do it even more than with an Anglo, because there is no restriction in the movements of the bellows. All of this is about tradition, but I think things will change someday. Cheers, Fernando
  17. Hi David, It's nice to find someone with other views as mine. And I like to debate!, always in a friendly atmosphere of course. But can you explain yourself why you think so? I need more information to try to convince you. Cheers, Fernando
  18. Hello Hyp! My advise is for the English System. No doubt in your case. I will always respect the Anglo System, you said Noel Hill? he is my teacher, and I can tell you it is amazing to see him playing. But if you want to play different types of music and to play them in different keys, including not common ones, go for the English. Or buy an Anglo with a good few extra buttons. The English has pure symmetry in the fingering: if you move the fingering along the keyboard, and after a couple of changes made, you have easily changed the key. I advise you to listen Simon Thoumire playing, he plays ITM and he plays jazz as well. I hope this is to you of some help, I didn't want to make this reply too long, if you ask me I will be pleased to answer you, if I know of course. All the best, Fernando
  19. Nice listening this set Alan, I wonder where is the music from, is it English traditional music? Fernando
  20. fernando

    tune name

    Nice reel Marien, I'm afraid I cannot be of some help to you, it's the first time I listen it. Take care, Fernando
  21. Hi Simon! I tried to send you an email for the skype lessons, I don't know if you got it. I'm very interested in having lessons with you Simon, if you still want to give them. All the best, Fernando
  22. Simon! you are the best concertina player for me! The best I've ever seen, I've seen all your videos from time ago, incredible technique you have. Fernando
  23. I live in Galway, Ireland. This would be one of those "standard tunes" in an Irish session. I mean this would be one of those tunes that would allow musicians to agree on the tune to play even if it is the first time they play together in a session. And with these tunes there wouldn't be the problem of the existence of different versions, most of musicians would agree in the key to play as well. Sometimes I'm not sure when a tune is "standard". Sometimes I'm sure when it's not. In this case I'm pretty sure it is. Nice playing Alan! the version you play is the same I can hear around here. Fernando
  24. Very good! I specially like the first one, well done! Fernando
  25. Thank you very much everybody! this is just what I needed! I'm not very familiar with 3/2, I knew there was something different to me in this tune, and I have it a bit clearer now. I cannot really understand all the details yet, but I'm learning first to recognise them, that's I think a good starting point. I will keep asking every time I don't understand! with so many people in this forum, there is always someone who knows! Fernando
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