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  1. I'm glad you liked it Chris! Fernando
  2. Hi all fellow concertina players! Here you are me playing this tune composed by one member of this forum, Chris Drinkwater (with your permission Chris). http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9CRVhI2w-7Y The original thread where Chris showed us this beautiful tune is here: Original Gardener's Delight I'm playing it in Eb Major instead of G Major. The second round clearly better played than the first. I love this tune! Fernando
  3. I think you'll find the one you bought is much better Fernando. I really like mine Stephen! I'm playing it all the time! I don't know much about concertinas, and by the look of the photographs of this concertina I thought it was similar to mine. Because Lachenal is a famous brand and it has wooden endings as well. But I don't know the insides of this concertina, and I'm sure you know it well Stephen. Thanks for the information, It's good to know. Fernando
  4. I recently bought a Wheatstone, it's similar to the concertina you are selling, I bought it in this forum, the thread is this: http://www.concertina.net/forums/index.php?showtopic=12178 I'm not thinking in buying another concertina at the moment, but I'm curious about how are the prices for the Lachenals. If one day I get to save some money, maybe I could buy one of these. Fernando
  5. Lovely looking instrument! How much is the selling price? Fernando
  6. Thanks Peter for the comment! do you have a name for the tune? maybe the one you say it is not the same tune, wouldn't be the first time I see tho tunes with the same first part... or maybe what you mean is the different last notes of the second time I play the second part, I heard people playing the two rounds of the second part exactly the same. I know this tune is in one of Michael McGoldrick cd's, the one called Aurora, he names it Frankie's. He explains that he put this name because it was Frankie Gavin who tought him the tune, and Frankie didn't have a name for it. I made Noel Hill listen this tune from my mobile as I had it recorded, he recognised it and he told me that it was him who taught the tune to Frankie Gavin. I think the name of this tune looks like to be completely lost. Nobody seems to remember it. But the key of the tune is the thing I'm really interested in, in the session.org it says it is in ADorian. Is this true? people told me that this tune is in major but with a variation in the first part, could that be?
  7. Donation has been paid to Concertina.net for an amount of €30 Cheers, Fernando
  8. Here she is! I arrived home from work, and I found Jacinta dying to sing an Irish reel! She started to sing in the key of F, in two octaves. I've heard this reel played by different people, and I have a two questions: - Does this reel have more names? because I only know the name that Noel Hill told me, but I find it strange not to see this reel in thesession.org - There is something special about this key... I know I'm playing it in F. And looks like F Major, but I'm not sure, there are notes that don't belong to F Major... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AOgcREsjIyI
  9. This concertina has been sold. To me! Thanks Geoff! nice to meet you! that was nice, we were putting a bit of music to Dublin Airport this morning hehehe And you know what? I have a name for the concertina! her name is Jacinta. In Spain we have the same name (a bit old fashioned now), but I've opted for the way they pronounce it here in Ireland. I will make a video of Jacinta singing a song and I will post it to this thread Be you all ready for Jacinta! Fernando
  10. Lovely instrument Geoff, I'm glad I play the English system, it is possible for us to buy top quality concertinas at an affordable price. And I didn't know there were still concertinas that make a difference in D#/Eb and G#/Ab. Mine has not that difference and I've got used to that, sometimes I use both sides in the same tune. I hope you find someone that can make a good use of this lovely Wheatstone Fernando
  11. Thank you Michael! I'm trying to know more about these 3/2 hornpipes, I love them! and it's nice to know a bit of history as well Fernando
  12. It is a Jig but could go as a hornpipe , that was common in the evolution of the 4/4 or 2/2 hornpipe Michael, I don't understand that. If that could go as a hornpipe, should not the melody be changed a bit to accommodate to the rhythm of the hornpipe? that could be done, because I've seen a few examples of tunes that can be played in different rhythms. Very good example of this is this video I saw recently posted in this forum: By the way, I would love to know which rhythm is the first one. And I don't know the time signature 2/2, I didn't know there were hornpipes in that rhythm! Fernando
  13. What a pity I missed this! that looks like an English system concertina! Fernando
  14. Sorry guys, but I made a big mistake! I'm writing this in a hostel in Ennis just besides the Clare County Library. I thought the talk was going to be there! I got confused because I didn't read well the announcement in facebook. Here is more clear, I can see that the talk is in Milltown Malbay! this is not too far from where I am, 20 miles far. But I don't have car, and I don't know how I'm supposed to go to Galway early in the morning from there... What a pity! I was ready to record the talk... Well, I will stay in this hostel, and now I'm going to look for a session! Fernando
  15. The mistery is solved! The composer of the tune contacted me! This tune was composed by John Dipper, and it is called Kennington Jig That was nice to meet the composer of the tune I learnt, even if that was only by youtube Fernando
  16. Hi Bob! I suppose the lad you say is this one: I loved this tune, and I learnt it by hear and this was the result: The style is completely different. But I cannot help it, this is how I came up to play it, I personally liked it in this way. I have a question regarding this tune: Why is called hornpipe when the tune looks like a 6/8? Fernando
  17. Can you, with Stephen's permission, record the talk, Fernando? Chris I don't mind doing it Chirs, but I don't have any device for that purpose. Maybe I can use my mobile, I have a memory card in it, I think it will be enough to record all the talk. I don't know about the battery... this talk is going to be 3 hours or so... Gosh, that's a l...o...n...g talk, Fernando. Sounds like you might need an old-fashioned reel to reel tape recorder for the purpose! (or a modern digital Edirol) Maybe Stephen has the means to record some or all of it. Perhaps you could ask him? Chris I will ask him Chris, I he agrees I will be ready for recording with my mobile. But I have no camera for this, only the mobile. I will have to think in something to say, I want to be in the recording! If I cannot think of anything, I will cough or something
  18. Can you, with Stephen's permission, record the talk, Fernando? Chris I don't mind doing it Chirs, but I don't have any device for that purpose. Maybe I can use my mobile, I have a memory card in it, I think it will be enough to record all the talk. I don't know about the battery... this talk is going to be 3 hours or so...
  19. Very good Leo! thanks to you another Spanish concertina player has been discovered! Fernando
  20. The Miller's Wife, if I understand correctly, normally played on a 3 hole whistle? Very nice, Fernando. Chris Thank you Chris! the name in english is Maragata Miller. She is a woman, that is true, but Maragata refers to the Community of Maragatos, they were a comunity in León with a distinct culture. I don't know if this tune is part of the three holes whistle tradition in León, but that could be possible.
  21. This is for you to see where León is: León Map And this is me trying to play a tune from the traditional music of this place: I'm playing it in G#. I made a few mistakes, but I hope the melody can be understood after all. I play the whole thing 3 times. I hope you like it! Fernando
  22. G mix sounds right to me. But not G mixolydian. Rather G mixed. What do you mean by Gmixed? It sounds like a joke to me, but I'm not sure, because you are an Ineluctable Opinionmaker The label Ineluctable Opinionmaker was, I believe, chosen by Ken Coles, not by me. And all it really means is that I've posted an unreasonable number of posts. As for "G mixed", it is a joke, but a serious joke. There are tunes in many folk traditions for which the classical music notion of key provides neither an accurate description nor an adequate guide to harmonizing. I believe this is one of them. With only F# in the tune, one would ordinarily say it was in the key of G. With only F-naturals, many would class it as G-mixolydian. But both F# and F-natural are integral parts of this Paddy Fahey reel, so it would seem to be more of a mixture of more than one kind of G scale. In particular, the B part of this tune seems to want (in different places) chords of both F-major -- which doesn't fit with G major -- and D major (or D7) -- which doesn't fit with G mixolydian. Great Jim! very good! wonderful! I'm learning so much in this forum! It's the first time I hear something like this. But it makes sense to me, I knew something very strange happens with this tune, and I wanted to know what it was. Thanks a lot!
  23. D minor. Here's the abc: X: 1 T:Schottis fran Lima M:C| K:Dm A=B^cd e2ef|d2de ^c2c2|A=B^cd e2ef|(3gag fg a4| A=B^cd e2ef|d2de ^c2c2|defg age^c|dfe^c d4:| |:agef g2g2|afde f2f2|e^cAc ecAc|defg a4 | agef g2g2|afde f2f2|e^cAc ecAc|dfe^c d4:| Thank you David! I've seen more swedish tunes that I like very much, for example the one this people play in here:
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