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  1. Hi Canary Bird! nice to see a concertina player that lives in the Canary Islands! Where are you based? I live in Santa Cruz de Tenerife, and I play the English system concertina. Fernando

  2. Hello Felix! I'm not sure if it was you, but I think I saw you playing a galician munieira with the concertina in youtube, I loved it!. Anyway, it is great to have a galician musician in this forum!

  3. I bought it Fernando! It is a Wheatstone! So different now my god, easier to play, and a very beautiful instrument!

  4. ei Fernando! Que pasa tio! companiero concertinero! sabes que? me voy a comprar una concertina, en enero a Inglaterra que me voy a comprarla. Me voy a ir a Chris Algar y me pondre a probarlas hasta que de con una que me guste. Me voy a gastar un paston pero me da igual, necesito una concertina decente ya de ya

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