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  1. That is sad news Mike, he was very kind to me with my first Concertina and I learnt a lot from him over a cup of tea in the Portacabin. It was fascinating watching him repairing bellows and producing springs and valves, He had jigs and dies for everything.
  2. Dry bags as used by canoeists and yachters are ideal and cheap if you are avoiding humidity and condensation. They also work well when camping or trudging round Whitby.
  3. Anlej what is happening in Whitby? Firstly are you OK? Wifey tells me the new Weatherspoons has gone afire and numerous properties are flooded, is the Middle Earth OK I've been fretting about it? Regards Andy
  4. It is a problem . My neighbour spends a lot of time at home studying , so it is waiting for him\ them to go out or sitting on the stairs with all the windows and doors shut including the upstairs bedrooms . I also use a new model Lachenal for this as it is considerably quieter than the Wheatstone that makes my ears ring in a confined space . However I suspect that I can still be heard despite him politely saying he can't so not before 10am and not after 8pm. Andy
  5. A bit of time in a warm climate always works for me. Two weeks in lovely Goa in February is my preferred option. regards Andy
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