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  1. sold to bob tedrow. He will sell it. you might want to contact him. He has home wood musical instruments in homewood Ala.
  2. thnk you I will keep that in mind.
  3. I have a Bob Tedrow Anglo concertina for sale. It is a anglo Aeoleon type, 30 button, C/G, Jeffries set up. It is in good working order. I live in the US. and would like to sell it in america. $1750.00 Us dollars plus shipping
  4. I have a Marcas anglo Concertina for sale , 31 buttons, keys G/C - Metal ends- 6 sided , Wheatstone fingering system. $1600.00 Pictures can be supplied on request.
  5. I have a Marcus Music concertina I would like to change it's set up to Jefferies style. It is in the key of g/c. I have tried to e-mail Marcus Music, but the e-mail coms back as undeliverable. Can any one give mean e-mail that I can get to work. Is such a change really hard and can I purchase the necessary reeds and install them my self? I probably would need some directions as to the placement of the new reeds. Also do they have to be tuned in the concertina?
  6. 30 Button Stagi concertina for sale. Model w15-mj Key c/g. Mahagony ends. About 6 years old. It is in excellent condition. Comes with case. $350.00
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