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  1. Thanks Irene. I see that it comes up around 32 mins. Having seen the whole piece now, I see that his Uncle actually gave him the Concertina & that his Uncle is a Glasgow Bin Man. Wonder if Glasgow folk make a habit of throwing out Concertinas? I'd tread carefully there old bean. Going through peoples bins in Glasgow, could have alarming consequences! The mildest of which would be to have your collar felt by the local Plod! And seriously. Is it a good idea to let the public (and especially dealers) know the true value of concertinas? To me, the chance of then picking up a real beauty decreases!
  2. I did watch it and was throwing things at the TV! Particularly when he dragged the bellows open, without the aid of the air button! It was like taking a chisel to an antique desk to see what wood it was made of!! Complete philistine! Normally on these shows when looking at hallmarks etc, these so called experts show off their knowledge by instantly naming the year, town of manufacture, and even maker.. This pillock didn't even mention the number! He got the name Wheatstone right, I suppose. Mainly because it's written on the plate! I estimated £1300 as soon as I saw it. One day I'm going to turn up at an antiques roadshow with my box, and pretend to be totally ignorant, just for a laugh! At least the seller got a reasonable price in the end, and the buyer will have got a bargain. Look out for it on E Bay soon!! Probably on BBC I Player for a week or so. Worth a laugh. PS. A 48 Key standard English. Didn't look like a Tenor Treble, or the original estimate would have been even more laughable. The "Expert" did not have a clue!
  3. Hi Al. Hadn't heard the news about Tim. Fingers crossed for a full recovery from me. We started playing Duets at roughly the same time in South London back in the 70's. One of the best players around, and a thoroughly decent man. Please pass on my best wishes to him and his family. Would love to play "Duelling Springtimes" again with him one day. Regards Ralphie Tim suffered his heart attack over a year ago, Ralphie, and not long afterwards, was well enough to perform at the IFC on November 20th, 2008. He and Rosie TB were both undergraduates at the University of East Anglia together in the early 1970's and got to know each other well. He's a very nice chap and all the better for promoting traditional songs and dialect from his native Dorset. Chris Thanks for that....I honestly didn't hear about it...Must get out more!!! Glad to hear he's fit an d well though. Cheers mate
  4. As an aside. Reading all the messages above, particularly about players who have sadly passed on. I think we should all raise a metaphoric, or real, glass to Al and his team, for providing such an excellent snapshot (well 3 so far!) of tina playing in the late 20th century (with a nod to the archive stuff too of course). Without this sterling work, some players, who, otherwise would probably never have been recorded, (well maybe recorded, but whose work would never have been released), has been preserved and will be available to hopefully inspire future generations. Let's face it, Unlike the guitar or, virtually any other instrument, we're not exactly flooded with Concertina CDs are we? If "Duet Int" had been available to me in 1972, I would have sold my Morris Traveller to get hold of it!! So hats off to Mr Day I say. As a PS. I would urge any player to get a little hand held digi recorder, (they're cheap enough nowadays) and record themselves, Just in case, and then we wouldn't have the sad stories from people saying "Yes would love to do something for this or that project" and not being here to do so. Anway, ramble over. Looking forward to the finished CDs.....What next? "Cheng International?!" Ralphie
  5. Hi Al. Hadn't heard the news about Tim. Fingers crossed for a full recovery from me. We started playing Duets at roughly the same time in South London back in the 70's. One of the best players around, and a thoroughly decent man. Please pass on my best wishes to him and his family. Would love to play "Duelling Springtimes" again with him one day. Regards Ralphie
  6. Hey Sarah The best Dance Band in the UK (with no gigs!)Housewives Choice specialise in Childrens tunes. Sooty, Ivor the Engine, Papa Piccolino, etc. (even toyed with Little Red Monkey for a bit, but it's a bugger on the melodeon!). Contemplating The Laughing policeman next! And you think that YOU won't be taken seriously??!! IMHO, play anything you want to, and smile while your doing it! Ralphie
  7. Hi Sarah. I have a can opener if you want to borrow it. The worms are getting restless!! Who is going to be the judge of this competition?? Lol!! It would be a bit like Eurovision, with various factions voting politically, and Show Of Hands would win! I do take your wider point re threads going astray and disagreements (lets be charitable) starting up. You should try Mudcat if you want a proper fight! Anyway....I'd win hands down. What are you going to make me for my prize?? Ralphie
  8. A few years ago, I was booked at a UK fest, and having time to kill, was checking out a couple of Duets on (I think) the Hobgoblin stall. when this Irish chappy started playing some of the Anglos on sale. We got chatting for 20 minutes or so, each of us enjoying what the other was doing, and parted company with a smile and a handshake. Lovely bloke I thought. It was later on in the concert that I realised that it was Noel Hill. (I'd never even seen a pic of him before!) This just goes to show that musicians don't bother about systems, styles, whatever. They just appreciate another muso when they meet one. Maybe this will diffuse the current arguments on this thread. I have also had the pleasure of playing with Mr Peters, and all blushes aside, a great player indeed. In a variety of styles. (Hello Brian!) As others have said. English, Irish, Scottish, Welsh, French....Does it really matter? Just get out there and play the damn stuff!!
  9. Blimey Peter! Not the Geoff Wooff I was in a band with in the early 70's? The man responsible for getting me to play the Duet? Haven't seen him in years! And, agreed, a very fine player indeed. Pass on my best wishes if you are ever in touch. Regards Ralphie.
  10. Hi there. I think it would be worthwhile to have a permanent topic. "Lost and Stolen". This thought has been prompted by the theft of a 32 Key Jeffries this week in the west country. With a link to the Facebook Stolen Instrument group. Hopefully it would never be used, but, if someone had a box nicked, It could be useful. Just a thought Ralphie
  11. Having just re-read Steven Chambers remark above, All photos will remain on the Facebook page for as long as they have to. Sometimes, it's years before something turns up. Maybe, dealers should do a print out of the pics, and keep them handy, just in case someome comes in to their shop looking slightly shifty with a beautiful box saying, "Oh it was Grandads....I want £3000 for it!!" Keep safe, all. And I hope you never have to upload anything to the gallery. (Now has anybody seen my Fylde guitar?)
  12. I know it has already been said, but bears repeating. I'm sure a lot of you you don't do facebook for many reasons. Fine. But I would genuinely urge anyone in the business of dealing in instruments to sign up and join The Stolen Instruments group. Ed Rennie, myself, and Gareth Kiddier set it up earlier this year as a sort of catch all for anybody who had sadly had something lost or stolen. It's not a chat room, or anything like that. If you've had something stolen. Just post up pictures, and as many relevant details as you know, (when where how etc). And for dealers out there, Just check in once a week to see if anything new has been added. a couple of mouse clicks, and you could just make someone very happy. Maybe there could be a permanent thread "Lost and Stolen" on Conc.net too? Hopefully, it would never be used, but, hey! And please, please, please. take lots and lots of photos, We've all got digi cams nowadays. I wish I had decent photos of my Fylde guitar (nicked 4 years ago). I now have about 100 pics of my various instruments (Tinas and others) sitting on a CD that I hope I never have to look at. Sorry for going on, but. Take a photo of the horse before it bolts....... (Like the idea of UV marking somewhere inside your box. again the work of half an hour.) I hope our friend gets lucky. it looks a lovely box. And I can really imagine how bad he must be feeling. Regards Ralphie. PS And to all the dealers on this site....pass the word on to your professional colleagues in the trade. Luckily the concertina world is quite small, so, an AWOL box should be spotted quite quickly, lets face it, the thief wouldn't know what he'd nicked anyway! Should be easy to catch him out. So, photos, serial numbers, UV pen marking. You know it makes sense!
  13. Hi Jody. Thats exactly what I'm thinking. I love the Irish style, but the lack of any (actually played) harmonic references is most confusing for a 'umble Duet player! It's as if I could quite easily have left my "Left" hand at home! That and the fact that the speed at which some tunes are played, turns many a session into a sort of melodic soup. (I'm talking London sessions here, having not been to a session in Clare). So, it's horses for courses I suppose. Luckily there are plenty of English/European/US/Canadian etc tunes to destroy with my perverted harmonic sensibilities, so, I tend to leave the Irish sessions alone. All the best mate Ralphie PS. your book/movie analogy is spot on. That's why I worked in Radio not TV! Oh, and to agree with what somebody said on page 1. The very fact that "English" style playing is more rewarding to me, is that it really is a revival. There are no right or wrong way to play a tune, No right or wrong instrument. And just confining it to tinas, you'll find just as many English tinas as Anglos (with Duets coming up fast on the rails!) in a session. Very few players will have actually met, Kimber, Tester, etc in real life. Some may have heard the few recordings that exist, but, the reality is that the "New" English tradition is only a few dozen decades old. We have few rules, and therefore have fewer restrictions as to how we play the music. Indeed, so cosmopolitan is the English session scene, that some people will swear blind that "The Canal in October" is absolutely English through and through! French actually, but the truth is it doesn't matter. It's a good tune! Personally, If I like a tune, I'll try to learn it. The original played instrument is immaterial. And I'll probably adapt it to my style, because that is how I play. (Means leaving out the complicated bits usually!). If people like the result, fine. If not, also fine! I'll stop now R!!
  14. I'm with Anglo Irishman on this. Get whatever you can afford. Then as circumstances allow. Move on up. Indeed it's probably preferable to get something cheaper just in case you don't get on with the beast! It's better to dip your toes into the murky waters in a cheap way, than not dip your toes in at all. But, Be warned, If you get the tina bug, you'd better get a well paid job! I get the idea that you are set on an Anglo system. Fair enough, but don't dismiss the other systems. In the UK you can still get (just about!) a 48 key Duet for 500 (ish) pounds, and that could be a Wheatstone or Lachenal. It all depends what style you intend to play. It seems that Anglos and Englishes are the most popular systems here in the UK. I'm just glad that I took up the Duet. They were dead cheap in the 70's. You couldnt give them away. So....BUY ONE NOW! Thats an order!! Don't know the Rochelles personally, but have heard good reports. I wish you luck, and an empty wallet! Call back to this site though, we're an amiable bunch and are only too willing to give advice, and then argue with ourselves about it! Regards Ralphie .
  15. I do know that Tim spent a bit of time with Tommy in the 70's, and I probably picked it up from him...(we both went to the same F/C in Saarf London at the time I started playing.) Interesting side note. I was playing a concert in a church in Belgium a couple of years ago, and couldn't understand why the audience were swaying from side to side, laughing and whooping at relevant places. After all it's not really a funny tune!! The explanation is that it has some dodgy Belgium lyrics and is sung by football fans whenever a Belgium club play a German side!!! So, it seems to be a German tune after all....and, No! I don't know the lyrics!! (Have just seen Irenes second link down...That is exactly what happened to me...Most disconcerting when you're not expecting it though!!)
  16. Maybe there is a need for this forum to have its own lost/stolen tina thread? Don't know how to set it up, and hopefully it would never be used. But, if anyone is going to catch sight of a stolen concertina, they'll probably be here!
  17. Lost or Stolen 17 October 2009 in Sheffield UK. 48 key Wheatstone English Serial Number 9199 Contacts Sylviane 0775 7243960. sylviane.bartowlak@ntlworld.com Or Sheffield Police. A lovely looking box. for pics go to the Facebook "Stolen Instruments" Group. (I ought to know how to do a link at this point, but, I'm a computer numpty, Irene??!) And while I'm on. Even if you good people don't do the social networking sites as a rule. It's worth joining Facebook just for this group alone. It's not a chat room, just a place for anyone to post pictures of Lost/Stolen instruments, so the more people who join the better. (Oh and it's not just confined to instruments, anything musical, .... Have you had your van with all your PA nicked?...That sort of thing) Talking of pictures. If it's a sunny day today, and you haven't already done it. Dust off your trusty digital camera, and take lots and lots of photos. Serial numbers, distinguishing features, even the PA and the van!! Thanks for your attention, and let us hope that this lady is re-united with her tina soon. Ralphie PS...Still looking for my Maple Fylde 1974 vintage, Tommy Peoples wants his fiddle back, and Ed Rennie is still got one eye out for his Erica melodeon.!!! (Blimey, Just managed to upload a picture, astonishing!.Even more detailed ones on the Facebook page!)
  18. Hi Ralph I'll take that bet. It was a boat with Grace Kelly. http://www.concertina.net/forums/index.php...ost&p=82566 Now if you were to suggest Bob Hope in the movie Paleface where he sings "Buttons and Bows" to Jane Russell in the back of a wagon I wouldn't take that bet. I don't think it's a "Road to" movie though. At least he's moving his fingers. Thanks for puttung me straight Leo!! It's been years since I saw it...But then learnt True Love on the Duet just to prove it could be done!!! Thanks Leo
  19. Hi All Bet you didn't know that Bing Crosby played the Anglo? At the end of one his films (Road to ??? perhaps) he is sitting on the back of a wild west wagon with his true love, squeezing away like billy-o, accompanying himself singing "True Love". Absolutely amazing that he can make the Anglo sound just like a Piano Accordion with full Orchestral Accompaniment....What aguy!!
  20. Woops! Just realised that this thread was originally about Rosbif!! Sorry for the hi jack chaps!!
  21. Hello everybody peeps! I am genuinely touched by your requests for copies of the Eric tapes... I really didn't think that there would be any interest at all! I don't intend to do a commercial release , but, having said that I'm willing to do a very limited run for you sad people (!!) who remember us!! It'll be nothing posh packaging wise. And I'll get back to you as to cost (5 or 6 pounds ball park figure). Best to send me a contact address/E Mail via personal messages and I'll see what I can do.... Thanks for your kind words Ralph (aka the ERIC massif!!)
  22. Hi Robin... Yes, the very same, although in the past year I've found a few more bits on an old demo tape that I have no memory of recording! Not very good quality, but, beggars can't be choosers!! Well thats two of you on board....Only 998 more to go! Seriously, I might consider doing a limited run, if there was more interest than 2 people!! Completely Non profit making. Any pittance I might get would go off to Charity.. No artwork...(A few naff photos is all). Such a shame that we never realised our ideas properly..and he died 23 years ago. I'm just amazed that anyone remembers him! Regards Ralphie
  23. Hi All. Can't speak for the Rosbif LPs (I too would be interested!). As for the Boy band ERIC... We'd justed started planning our first album when Nigel was taken ill, and the nature of his cancer precluded any chance of a Proper recording. The only ERIc stuff that I have are a few Demos, a couple of BBC Sidmouth tracks, and some very dodgy sounding "Back of the Folk Club" type stuff. Colin and I have talked about it over the years, but, in all honesty, I doubt that it would sell!! The total is only about 30 minutes!! Sorry Robert, can't see it happening. Regards Ralphie
  24. Hi Irene, Yes, I meant Raphie's. I found the size of Norman's in the ledger and that was confirmed by his reply. Thanks Norman. I wanted to understand the physical size difference between a 57/58 key and the full 70 key instrument. This is all in a vague effort to try and compute how much difference there might be in responsiveness, which I could understand completely, if I could get such an instrument(s) in between my hands for even five minutes. But, I digress.. A measurement would be wonderfull.. Thanks, -Joe-B^) Hi Joe, The Aeola and the Hex box are both around 7 inches across as Irene says. As for responsiveness, when I first got the Aeola, Having cleaned it up, fixed stuck reeds etc, It played like a dog! It had obviously been hidden away for some years. Gradually, it came to life, and now it's action is pretty fast. Either it's changed, or I have! Also, because I use it all the time, the bellows are beginning to leak a bit, which ironically, suits my style of playing. It lets me get more "bounce" into a tune. (I play a lot for dancing BTW). IMHO though. the bigger Duets have obviously more Bass end reeds which are longer, and therefore need more air before they leap into action. Hence my comment earlier re response times. But Hey. We are all different! I think I've found the one for me. (Would like to try something in the 60 key range though). Put it this way. Have been playing the bugger since 1973, and I'm still finding new things!! Good luck with your quest, and remember.....A Concertina is not just for Christmas, it comes in useful when you run out of logs on Boxing day!
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