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  1. Hi John. To explain the Battersea bit, unbeknownst to me. It's actually a very well known (and slightly hackneyed!) German waltz, which Belgium football fans use to taunt German fans when they meet at a match. Rude lyrics were hinted at, but never divulged! Hence the hilarity, which at the time I found most perplexing! Oh, and as for the Hop Festival. Mike Wheeler is in charge of selling them there. So avoid him at all costs!!!
  2. Ah Wait til you hear Moulin Rouge and Roses for the Lady..........They'll have you blubbing!!
  3. Would that be an honorable or an horrible mention ? Geoff. Honourable! If it hadn't been for you selling me that 48 Duet all those years ago, I wouldn't have become the musician that I've failed to be. So, It's all your fault! Fingers Galore rool!!!
  4. Hi John. Sadly, I won't be at the Hop Fest. Really hope it goes well. It was always a fun gig. Another missed marketing opportunity!! Ah Well. Regards Ralphie
  5. Hi Geoff. Thanks for that! I probably have your address somewhere, but if you could send it to elouisecd@hotmail.co.uk it will be collated with all the others. I would prefer to have them all in one place, for fear of losing them. And if anyone else is interested please do the same, even if you think I know where you live! I will then send out the CDs and then ask for the cash! And remember, I have your addresses and a Big man with a large dog!! Finally Geoff. great to hear that you are well...It's all your fault! (and you even get a mention in the sleeve notes!)
  6. Presumably the money might be nice as well ? Reverse psychology. M'dear. If people actually have the CD in their hands, they will be obliged to send the money. After all, I'll have their addresses!
  7. Hello all. I'm pleased/Nay proud! to announce that my first CD "ELOISE" should be out by the weekend, An hour of 17 tracks of MacCann loveliness! If anyone is interested, please send an Email to eloisecd@hotmail.co.uk The cost? £13. (and you get a free re-useable Jiffy bag!) Not sure about people in other countries. Still working on that one. No record company was damaged in this enterprise! Just let me have an address, and you will be shortly the proud owner of this seminal CD!!!! Thanks Ralphie
  8. Nice Picture Silly Instrument!! Just got back from the weekend. It was lovely to meet old friends again, and make new ones too. Sessions were as entertaining as expected, Various luminaries popped in as well to add to the fun. I'm really glad that I wasn't camping though! Thanks to Mark for a well organised bash. Will keep the weekend highlighted for next year. Ralph. PS No doubt pictures will surface on here at some point, taken by more talented people than I !!
  9. Al, Have you tried recording something on your H4 and then playing it back using head phones or directly attached speakers then playing along with it? This to eliminate card reader/computer malfunctions. Well Geoff, of course he has, don't ask stupid questions!! OK ok sorry sir.Just drag me out of the dark ages, but gently please. Now cutting the grass- Phaaaa! Geoff. Hi all. Have recorded several gigs using the H4 across the O/P of the mixing desk. I always use 44.1 WAV. Have just checked some old recordings. All perfectly fine tuning wise. Can't explain the pitch shift problem. Shouldn't be the MP3 processing. Might just be that your H4 records slower!!! (Mind you...a lot of the gigs I've recorded involved melodeons...So tuning is arbitary anyway!)
  10. Hey Geoff. No applecarts upset (that I know of!) Yes I remember the Ivory Duet story... It would be lovely to meet up again soon...Would be interesting to play some tunes together, It's been a long time, and a lot has happened to us both. PM me with an address, and I'll send you a CD. It's your fault that I started playing the bugger anyway, so you desrve to be tortured! Yo Dude...Ralphie
  11. Hi Geoff. Mmmm memory is a funny thing...I started in 1975 not 1973, did I? Damn, will have to go and alter the sleeve notes!! I have no recollection of playing "In the Mood" !!!Did I really? Very much doubt if I could play it today! Yes indeed. Solo CD almost ready to go off to print. 17 tracks of audio delights. Rest assured, I will be going into Hard Sell mode when it appears. (I'm a pensioner after all) Will accept Euros...(In a wheelbarrow!) I think you are wrong BTW as to when we last met. I remember watching you playing with Packie Byrne at Sidmouth one lunchtime in a garden? Late 80s' early 90s'? No matter. great to be in touch again. Still bump into Graham Shelver from time to time. He's still playing Will talk again soon. Ralphie
  12. Did anyone record it? Al Still searching for that elusive Jon Boden recording then Al?
  13. Hi Magnets and Microphones will not be a problem! I have been pointing them at enourmous speaker stacks for years!!! As for attachment. Try the Heavy Duty Velcro. (available at all good hardware shops!) Almost impossible to get it off afterwards though! Good luck Ralphie
  14. Good Grief...What a weird clip. Kate can play all of one chord on a Ukelele. Bass player is the spitting image of Benny Andersson from ABBA. And towards the end, Alistairs English morphs into set of Uillean pipes! Priceless!
  15. I have to agree with Dirge (much as it pains me....Sorry, couldn't resist!) I started on a 48 MacCann. within 6 months I was so frustrated by the lack of notes, I quickly traded up to a 56. And have been happy with that for at least 35 years. Obviously if you plan to play from piano music (for example) you'll need something bigger, but a little one becomes very frustrating very quickly.
  16. Dirge Old Bean. Of course you should be on Duet Int. I think that one of the overriding effects of the forthcoming CD set, will be to showcase the breadth and variety of music played. Possibly because there are so few of us, and we rarely (if ever) meet, we've all found our own style on the instrument. Much as I love the other 2 CD sets (E and A). There occasionally seems to be a sense of "Oh, That performer sounds a bit like......" I've said it before. To all who might fancy buying a Duet....Get one now, while stocks last, and before their value goes up! Duets Rool! Regards Ralphie
  17. Well David. Here in the UK, apart from this happy reunion, I know of at least two others. Thanks to sites like this, and others, and the concertina world being so small, (relative to guitars say), that any nicked tinas are far more likely to reappear. (Mainly because the thief hasn't got a clue what he's got, and is just out to make a quick buck). So, It's worth saying again. Please tell all your concertina playing friends to photograph every aspect of their box. I have actually made identifying marks under the reed pans, that only I know about. As Ms Mitchell famously sang. "You don't know what you've got til it's gone" We set up the F/B Stolen instruments gallery just for this purpose. Hey! and it worked!! I just hope that nobody here has to send photos to it... Regards Ralphie
  18. Congratulations from the F/B Stolen Instrument Gallery team too!!
  19. Hence the old maxim 99% of the work takes 99% of the time... The other 1% takes the other 99% of the time! Cheers Ralphie
  20. Lol! Your Columbus reference could equally apply to Australia! God, How I miss the Empire!!!!!
  21. I think too that you are needlessly pessimistic. Certainly, anything can be played on a Duet. There will always be people who discover older music (any genre) that floats their particular boat. As has been said. It's all out there, recorded and indeed videoed too. Only time will tell, I know. But, a good tune is a good tune. The cream will float to the top, and the dross will sink. We'll never know of course, because we won't be around then!! I think that you found yourself in a nostalgia fest with these folks that you met. (and nothing wrong with a bit of wallowing!!) But at the end of the day (or life!) There's bugger all we can do about it anyway! The music will survive (or not) as time passes. On that happy note. Glad the gig went well Regards Ralphie
  22. Although not an Anglo player, I'm with Dirge on this one. The Rochelle assuming it works, and you can afford it, would be the best option. After all, you can find out if you get on with it. No point in spending a fortune just to find out that you should have had the mandolin after all! You could always sell the Rochelle on if it doesn't suit you. Good Luck, and let us know what you decide. Ralph. Shame you Web connection is so clunky, there are some great links to all sorts of players on this board.
  23. Bet he didn't play it holding it above his head a la some of the old music hall artists. Now that would have been impressive!
  24. Hi Dirge. Well impressive....But one slight criticism. Let it stew in your mind for a few months. I assume you were relying on music to play from? Let this marvellous tune (that I've loved all my life....Debussy...Top Bloke!) seep into your soul. Then you will have an astounding performance. Play it with your eyes shut, and your heart open! Jolly nice though. I wouldn't have attempted it!! Regards Ralphie
  25. Well done that chap/s! Will E Mail my CV shortly, and a gormless picture as well! (I don't do pics normally!) Ralphie
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