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  1. Olly. I think it's brilliant that you're doing this research. I only met your father tangentially, but, other places to search are Mudcat, and Facebook. There are certainly friends of mine (on Facebook) that would have worked with your Dad. Good luck with your quest. Us folkies aren't such a bad bunch really!
  2. Just to let people know. The website has got a bright new shiny PayPal clicky thing now (Thanks to Sheena) So, there is no excuse for not getting Granny that "Must Have" Christmas present from anywhere in the world!! Thank you for your kind attention Ralphie
  3. The Ralph Jordan floodgates have opened. Watch out! Unlikely Jody. It's a cheap website, and I've almost filled my Upload capability!
  4. Right then. New stuff up includes. Me and Irene Shettle Me and Stocai Me and Groupa Me and Crows/Ian Blake Me and Keith Kendrick Me and PJD/Martyn Wyndham-Read Band (includes Iris Bishop) Me and The Fraser Sisters Plus sessions for friends Lebedek, The Watch, Bill Martin and Rosie Cross, Polkaworks....etc! Running out of upload bandwidth now!! Enjoy!
  5. My concertina is looking for a date - if we get a good match, we might start a breeders' club! Excuse me...Can I have my thread back!!!!? Right then. Some more tracks loaded up on the site. Some collaborations, including a pretty interesting "Rock" tina solo with the Swedish band Groupa, many years ago. And some tracks with my other "Mixing" hat on. More stuff to follow. Ralphie. (whos tina is male, single, 90 years old, and available!)
  6. Thanks Michael... Work In Progress. Just trying to get my head around the technology at the moment! More stuff later! Regards Ralphie
  7. Have uploaded some more clips Some of them contain Concertina. Some don't! Never mind! It's all music! Enjoy! Ralphie
  8. Thanks Jody! The CD has covered it's costs now! Still not quite enough profit for that yacht I've got my eye on! Am planning to put up some more clips of playing on the WIP page. Will let people know via this thread. Also for friends across the water (in all directions!) I've set up a PayPal account to make it painless for you to part with your money! Buy early for Christmas. Your granny would love a copy! You know it makes sense! Ralphie
  9. Pierce. No problem. We are (generally!) quite a nice bunch here. We have to be, we are an endangered species after all! Good luck with the sale. Will follow its progress. Best wishes Ralphie
  10. Mmmm Maybe...! It was just an excersise for the site. But we fully intend to do more stuff in the future. In fact I'm thinking of calling the second CD "The Difficult One!"
  11. Hey!! That sounds great Ralphie. I've allways wanted one of those myself, with just one page, on which would be written ,in big letters, " GO AWAY I'M BUSY!" Must pay a visit to your site........ Wow, looks good ! finnest regards, Geoff. Thanks Geoff. The powers of the internet eh?. Recorded a Duet/Duet with my good friend Lis this afternoon, and Hey Ho it's up there (the WIP page!) It's not a brilliant performance, but I was just testing the system. I'm a real novice at websites me! Let me know if anyone can hear it! If it works, I'll pop things up there from time to time. Happy to link to other peoples sites to. So get in touch. Easiest way would be eloisecd@hotmail.co.uk Advert over! Ralphie
  12. Just to let you know that Ralph Jordan has built a website (actually his girlfriend did, thanks Sheena!) www.the-attic-tapes.co.uk It's still work in progress at the moment, but there are 3 sound clips from the ELOISE CD if you fancy a listen... More stuff to follow. As I add more stuffI'll let you now. I'm quietly chuffed, I have to say! Thanks Sheena
  13. I sort of agree with Greg on a lot of his points. My first Duet was a 46 back in 1973. Moved up to a 56 rather quickly, and have stuck with that ever since. I also agree that to have it retuned into concert pitch (properly) is very expensive. Having said that, their value has steadily increased over the years. Due no doubt to their increasing popularity. My current beast was made in 1924. An 8 sided Aeola. Lovely machine. Keep an eye on these pages for the announcement of the forthcoming Duet International 3 CD set, featuring Duet players from around the world. The value of yours will hopefully rise as a result of its release. In the meantime, why not try to play it? I'm so glad that I did. If you get your head around the patterns of the buttons you might be pleasantly surprised. Good luck with your new toy anyway. Best Wishes Ralphie
  14. Yvonne. Firstly, well done for getting to a comfortable place with your playing. Don't despair or indeed give up. Use the place where you are to step up to the next level. I've been trying to climb that particular staircase for 35 years, I'm about half way! I nearly always play with my eyes closed...(Because the audiences are normally ugly!) Just keep on keeping on. Look forward to hearing the results. Regards Ralphie
  15. Well. I've got about 10 Prince 78s. One of them is the Bluebells of Scotland (Yes with piano acc) I would defy anyone to play it today....I certainly couldn't! I don't think it matters How Alexander played. Or indeed anyone, including me! We all bring our musings to the table, for other people to enjoy or reject. But everybodys contribution is welcome, surely? If you don't like it, ignore it. I happen to like Mr Princes renditions. And he gave me Hopscotch, 100 years after he recorded it. What is there not to like about that? It would be lovely to think that in 100 years, someone might hear my playing and be inspired. Life continues. That's how it goes.
  16. Well. Speaking as a Duet player, I would obviously say that the Duet wins hands down! But, I have dabbled with the English and the Anglo. With both systems, I found the lack of opportunity for harmonic embellishment made them quite limiting. Ok, shoot me down in flames if you like, and of course there are sensational and amazing players of both systems. It's just that the Duet fits the wiring of my brain. Playing it is just so easy. (If you want to have a go at me, I'll admit to once playing a C/F Melodeon as well. Little White Bull....Oh the shame!)
  17. And Jody popped by to my place for a couple of hours this afternoon, on route to a gig in London. Lovely Lebanese meal. No chance to play sadly. Hey Ho. Great to see him again though. Top bloke!
  18. Hi Geoff. Firstly thanks for the compliment! I don't think that migrating from English to Duet would be that difficult. If all you'd ever played was an Anglo, that might be harder. But a Hayden? Don't get me wrong, but....First find your Hayden. Rare as Hens teeth. I visited Steve Dickinson last week, and he was saying that he's basically not taking any more orders. He's 60 in January, and he's got a five year waiting list for tinas! And I don't think there are any Haydens on his order books. Can't speak for Colin Dipper, but he is of an age too! I'd suggest the MacCann. Mainly 'cos I play one! but, also, they are more readily available. One tip though...No less than 56 key, going down to middle C on the right hand side (with an octave crossover) That has served me well over 35 years. 65 Key is OK. Anything bigger and it starts getting silly! I had a chance to play Neil Waynes Huge bastard up in Sheffield a month ago. Looked impressive, but was almost unplayable! I'm really looking forward to you coming over next year. Don't forget to bring a box/pipes whatever. It would be great to record some tunes together. (And there is always the pub. They've just started doing really good Thai food!) Apropos of nothing, I occasionally bump into Graham (Shelver), he's mainly playing fiddle nowadays, Lives down in Kent. Until the next communication. Yo Dude! Ralphie
  19. Maybe how long it takes to get there from his front door? jdms Oh! Yes! I suppose that is it. How dreadfully dangerous, I am glad we don't have one of those in our village, mind you, being in France there is any amount of wine in the cellar here. Cheers, Geoff. Actually Geoff. It's a Ten second pub....That's as long as it takes me to get there. Once after a recording session I told the guys to pop round and get the beers in. I followed 20 minute later, in my dressing gown and carpet slippers! Nobody batted an eyelid! How local can you get? Really looking forward to introducing you to the Nascot!
  20. Geoff. I'm blushing! And, It's all your fault, you bastard! If you hadn't twisted my arm all those years ago. I wouldn't have been in the sorry mess I find myself in now! I blame you entirely..... Seriously. It would be lovel to see you again. It's been too many years, and we are not getting any younger. Hence ELOISE......I just wanted to make a statement, that's all. So, get your arse over here and buy me a beer in the Nascot Arms (My 10 second pub!) Kind regards Ralphie
  21. Hi Ralphie, That would be great to see you again. Perhaps a visit would work. How far are you from Islington? I'm about 20 minutes on a train out of Euston station. Sadly, I can't make any of your gigs this time. But, my earthly representative (Irene) will be happy to press my latest CD into your hand at Bishop Stortford! Have a great trip, and give my love to all my friends in Faversham, particularly!
  22. Hi Jody. Hope the tour goes well. If your stuck for somewhere to stay anytime. Just get in touch. I'm in Watford. North West of London. Regards Ralphie
  23. £150-£200? Are they mad???? Shame I don't play an English!!! I remember on one of these daytime Flog It style TV shows, a Wheatstone English coming up. The "Expert" said it was worth £400-£500... I screamed at the TV....FIFTEEN HUNDRED!!! Guess what...I think it went at auction for £1600 ish! If you fancy a nice looking box. Get down to Lewes. You might get a bargain!
  24. Just to confirm ... "Schneewalzer" which forms the bulk of "Springtime in Battersea" is a popular song,in the first instance rather than just a tune, composed by Thomas Koschat (an Austrian) . Koschat was a well known and highly respected classical composer (highly thought of by Wagner, apparently), and the song can be found in many, many guises if you go hunting for it on Youtube (cowbells, hairy chested blokes in lederhosen rapping to it... you name it, it's there). It has been a favourite (?) amongst the brass band fraternity for a long time .... and since Mr Koschat died in 1914, I think it is safe to assume that the tune was his and not the other way around. (I think this was all discussed on another thread on here previously). He was also responsible for a setting of "The Lord is My Shepherd" to a tune known either as Poland or Koschat .... and well known for various folk tunes. More information on him, and a photo can be found here http://www.cyberhymnal.org/bio/k/o/koschat_t.htm Taking nerdy hat off, and getting coat for departure now .... Blimey! Too much information Irene Thanks!
  25. Hi John. To explain the Battersea bit, unbeknownst to me. It's actually a very well known (and slightly hackneyed!) German waltz, which Belgium football fans use to taunt German fans when they meet at a match. Rude lyrics were hinted at, but never divulged! Hence the hilarity, which at the time I found most perplexing! Oh, and as for the Hop Festival. Mike Wheeler is in charge of selling them there. So avoid him at all costs!!! I will not need to buy one from Mike since I already have my copy! I still want to believe that Springtime in Battersea was a Tommy Williams original, adopted by the Germans!!. The sleeve notes of his record say it is one of his compositions. regards John I'd like to believe it too..but I think Schneevals predates Tommy, apart from the C Music. The audience went quiet at that bit, so, indeed that could be Tommys contribution? We'll never know for sure.
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