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  1. Very well played indeed.I would also add that the tune is notated in John Kirkpatrick book of tunes.I think he played it on piano and than aranged it for the Anglo. So good to see a talented young player. Bryan
  2. Sad news.John repaired my jeffries concertina with new bellows in 1981 it has never let me down. R.I.P John cplayer.
  3. Hello Can you tell me if it has brass reeds or steel? And would you be able to show any photos of the reed pans. If the item is still for sale. Thanks Cplayer
  4. Hello Alan The tune was from the late Jim Harding when he was with Southdowns Morris,One of a few tunes that he composed and are still played down in Sussex. Bryan Hawes
  5. I second that Howard,he has been a great inspiration to me for many a year. Thinking of you Ralph. bryan
  6. hello all There is also "Gigue" in jkps book all the dots,bit of a brain test for any one. bryan
  7. just received the same one,good job I know the member. cplayer
  8. I have a 38 button jeffries which I got from hobgoblins in 1978,I sold my 5 string banjo to fund this. and have played this since this time,It had a rebuild and new bellows in 1980 by John Holeman and has had no problems since that time its played every day and has been played in many of the EU country's I also have a 1905 wheatstone 40 button anglo which I have owned for about 15 years nice concertina,layout a different to the jeffries. but what would we do without them? all the best c player
  9. no pulling the wool over your eyes Geoff.It should have been mine 6.3mm, other three, 8mm deep sorry about that cplayer
  10. hello all Interesting one this,has anyone ever checked the depth of the reed chambers?my jeffries is just over 3mm deep having checked three other jeffries(more honkier than mine) they were 4mm deep,any conclusions?
  11. hello all I have a g/d jeffries 39b,and a wheatstone c/g 40b I tend to keep certain tunes for the wheatstone some seem to fall into place on this concertina would be nice to have two concertinas with the same layout in the keys above,but at todays prices!!!! cplayer
  12. "I told you its an ANGLO CONCERTINA" hope to seeyou later in the year jody cplayer
  13. cplayer

    Jeffries Anglo

    hello all Is the button layout a bit diffrent from the norm for a thirty nine button layout??
  14. hello all There was a program on bbc2 saturday evening called"flog it" which included a trip to marcus concertians and an interview with the owner.Its now on bbc i player the show was a repeat so you may have seen it befor but well worth a look,its about 40mins in to the program cheers
  15. hello all If you are hastings way on sunday the 1st of May there will be the usual tune/song session at the white rock hotel starting at 8pm good venue and good beer.All welcome cplayer
  16. hellm all in reply to you jim I think you will find that it is andy turner playing there are a few more videos of him on you tube. cplayer
  17. hello dick glad you had a good trip, if chris is up there looking down He will be well pleased to hear them being well played bryan
  18. hello there will be a tune and song session at the "north star"bohemia st leonards on sea on saturday the 12th of febuary at 8pm ish every one welcome . b hawes
  19. me again its on the 12th of feb at 8pm ish


  20. hello peter

    to let you know that we are holding a tune up in the "north star" bohemia hastings if you can attend could be a good night.could you pleas let any body else know.

    bryan h

  21. hello I think you will find that Andy Norman makes a double reed anglo concertina have a look on his web site or contact him good luck cplayer
  22. and there was me thinking it was bexhill pip happy christmas. trooper
  23. this may help they are being sold by the late owners son cplayer
  24. hello again Chriss lust is the downfall of many a concertina player!!!
  25. hello all re the concertinas for sale.I know these instruments well having played them on my weekly visits to the late owner both with him and solo when he was to ill to play them. the dipper/scard,Bb/F jeffries and the g/d crabb(which came from roger edwards) are top notch. the g/d jeffries is very loud so much so that we named it the trumpet no quite the jeffries sound. the 45 button jeffries has the right sound but needs some work ie the buttons are a tad to high and the reed layout is a bit wheatstone/jeffries but could be a nice instrument I had this on loan for a short time.these are personal views others may think diffrent.if I can help at all let me know.as for the price well!!!
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