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  1. On my browser there are tabs top left for Forums/Members/Calendar ... click on Calendar Now, you should see on the top right a button that says "Add Event" It looks to work much the same way as Google Calendars if you've used those at all.
  2. Ok - I did it! scary red light and all - a very vanilla version - I tried added some chords but it went too far out of my comfort zone :-) Video'ed on my nexus tablet which happily has an upload to Youtube function Now all I have to do is remember to smile!
  3. Can we have some some posts that aren't so good :-) (or I'm going to be too chicken to throw my offering into the pot)
  4. A one hour long radio drama, a song collector in Allendale, Northumberland http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b00lxsqw (listen again for a few days yet - UK only) "Concertina/Fiddle Sheena Masson" ps The only concertina that I could hear was right at the end! Alastair Anderson is credited with writing the "Song"
  5. Yes. A Melnet type Tune of the Month. Ready with a great tune for March 1! That'll be good - I really enjoy listening to the Melnet stuff (we have a melodeon player who often brings in the new tunes to refresh our session)
  6. It may be that something in your browser config has changed (ie the Tune-a-tron PDF funciton stills works for me in the way I expect) - maybe an adobe pdf plugin has been added or updated. Some thoughts... try a right click on the PDFSheetmusic link then choose "Save LInk As" - for me this saves the PDF. If I left-click on that pdf link it opens (in Chrome) with a pdf plugin. This seems devoid of print or save buttons until I hover the mouse down at the bottom right of the browser window, where apon they magically pop into view. Hopefully one of these ideas will work for you Chris
  7. The treble slots into the "violin" niche nicely, Tenor matches more to viola. I occasionally play in a small starter orchestra on their "fun" days, and usually get to pretend to be either a violin or more often an oboe (they have lots of violins and only 1 oboe!) For sessions, ceilidhs and such like, the treble also goes in the fiddle area to cut through the hubbub, these situations can suit whistles, fiddles and trebles ..... none of this calls for much chord work. But I do like the low range of a tenor for the nice noise it makes, and if you're playing with a smaller group or solo that lower range is really, really nice. And chords can be heard and appreciated. Chris
  8. Did you pay the taxi with a credit card ... maybe help trace the company/driver?
  9. The chrome browser on my android tablet has an option to "use desktop version" of a web page. Firefox has an add-on called (I think) "Phony" that will let you choose whether a website recognises your browser as a mobile or desktop.
  10. I heard an interview on this, and he did say that he'd opted to stick mostly to Western Music because of the time constraints..... If he'd had twice as long he would have been more inclusive. He'd tried to focus on the points in time at which changes happened.
  11. Hurrah, we were playing this one recently at a session, and I never did find out the name - thanks
  12. If the price of the ebay auction concertina goes too high, the wheatstone Mayfair that's Theo's selling might be worth a look, they make good starter instruments ... the range on the Mayfairs is lower though - much less than the 56 button Stagi. Chris Algar of Barleycorn concertinas may also have something if you contact him directly. He often has working but cosmetically less than perfect boxes.
  13. OT :-) (or maybe i should post the weavers HP) Yes I'm now mostly a loom weaver, I can't really do willow basketry much now since my hands give up on me. I can make the occasional shopper but wrestling with heavy willow for log baskets is a thing of the past :-( (Big knitting is fun ... or broomstick crochet) Chris
  14. And a suitable one (for the UK) since I'll be home all weekend (My trip across to the snowy hills of north wales to give a basketry workshop has just been cancelled and so I can stay home and practice or try and use up several baskets worth of prepared willow before it goes off and has to be scrapped) X: 1 T: Snowy Path, The M: 9/8 L: 1/8 R: slip jig K: Dmaj |"D"F2A B2F A2F|"G"G2B d2e dBA|"D"F2A B2F A2F|"Em"E2D E2F GFE| "D"F2A B2F A2F|"G"G2B d2e dBA|"D"F2A B2F A2F|"Em"E2D E2F GAB|| |"A"c3 c2e d2c|"G"B2G B2c d2e|"Bm"f3 f2e d2B|"D"A2G F2G A2B| "A"c3 c2e d2c|"G"B2G B2c d2e|"D"d2A B2F A2F|"Em"E2D E2F GFE||
  15. The soundproofing in a car is pretty effective.
  16. I always thought that the new content shows any content added since my last first and needed cookies enabled to do this. Did you leave yourself logged in somewhere?
  17. And people here who are very found of baritones and Edeophones. Pictures would be good (of the concertinas)
  18. Paul Read has just commented on this HERE
  19. From the Manchester hobgoblin store
  20. Hi Chris, Button layouts for all 48 button treble ECs are the same. (OK, small proviso, occasionally someone may have modified a reed, that bottom G# on the rhs was an F on one of the concertinas that I had.) Edeophones and Aeolas are just some of the deluxe models made, the notes and layout are standard.
  21. That instrument has had a long journey from Nottingham ... wouldn't it be great if a concertina could tell it's own tale. Chris
  22. Hmmm... Cair Paravel is a fictional place in CSLewis Narnia books - perhaps that was the name OK there was a 70s group called Cair Paravel ... recordings v. rare Not much info here ...
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