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  1. Very, very funny! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FSeSLi4RQ6s&feature=youtu.be Chris
  2. Another take on this ... (about halfway through) http://youtu.be/V8neFYSAIAE and I really like this one http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=poF573ii3cI
  3. Worth checking whether they cover your concertina while locked in car. Our house insurance will only cover up to £1000 for that circumstance.
  4. Any chance of an EnglitinaXL version for android tablets ... I have the Nexus7 and the version taht I got is designed for smaller screen phones. On a tablet it is just a bit too big to use with the edges to middle facing key setup and the button spacing is too much of a reach (and not near enough to the real thing. It's so close to right that I'd upgrade to an XL version in a flash if it existed :-) (I could afford that more easily than an iPad!) ChrisJ
  5. Ad Block Plus browser plugin helps. (But I often configure it to let through stuff on CNet in case not blocking the ads helps with funding for CNet .. and there are of course concertina ads now and again).
  6. Yum, like them all. Anyone know another (UK perhaps) name for the Waterfall ... I'm sure that I know it from somewhere. (edited to add: II know "The Dark Haried Girl dressedin Blue which Anahata plays after the waterfall, and that's quite similar, probably what I was thinking of). Chris
  7. The problem that I find in a session is that for a concertina, the player is the person who can least hear the instrument! I've just come back from a session where another concertina play is almost always too loud, In consequence I get a bit paranoid about playing too loudly without realising and am always asking DH, "was that too loud?" There's a good seat in a corner we all fight for, since in that situation I can actually hear what I'm playing. Mostly I have to go by the feel of instrument to know if I'm playing the right notes :-). If the mandolin player next to me winces and moves away - I'm too loud, If I can't hear anything, I'm probably about right.
  8. That sounds like a lot of fun! Are you playing along with the 'band' or are you adding the band tracks in afterwards? As a non-Apple person, please tell me what you had to do to make this recording, and what hardware/software would be needed. Thanks in advance, Don. You can do a lot of this just using Audacity if you're a windows person (ie record stuff and add tracks to it. It's what I used to make the duet for Roslyn castle ) Audacity is free and a really excellent editor for sound recordings. I most use it inLinux, but it's available for many other OS's and certainly works nicely in windows (I've tried it from XP to 8) Chris
  9. I'll see if I can get it played (and recorded at my local session :-)
  10. Ta-Da ... here's my contribution.https://soundcloud.com/chris-jordan-45/roslin
  11. Thanks Jim, and I'll give the winner a try too, this time round Chris (but I'm going to try and up-tempo it!)
  12. I might join you (since I seem to backing the losers so far :-) ) I'd be interested in the background info too. ChrisJ
  13. A tune from the NE (UK) I believe and a favourite. Not really common, but comes along every now again in English sessions. Heard played with varying amounts of swing as you fancy.
  14. ... and there may well be some members of concertina net in that part of the UK who could help. Chris
  15. Ring O' Bells, aka Felton's Gavotte. Nicely done. Gary Wow, my subconcious isn't usually that accurate!
  16. I know the tune but not the name, but something about it reminds me of bells for some reason. (Maybe I'll try playing it into Tunepal)
  17. If want a less dancey tune, a clip on youtube from "The Squeezers" ... see this thread http://www.concertina.net/forums/index.php?showtopic=15552 reminded me of a nice tune which we started playing at tlocal session last year, called the Abbess by Andy Cutting (there may be rights issues with the dots) but here's the Squeeszer's youtube clip http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Cc1cB1BK614 Chris (and I could be lazy if we did a tune that I already knew!!!)
  18. Looking through some of the other clips, I like the Abbess - a favourite Andy Cutting tune (the timing gave our session headaches for a long while when someone introduced it a while ago)
  19. Or some Scott Joplin (what am I saying - I have some guitar arrangements and I can't even play them on guitar!)
  20. >25 votes! Maybe we should make it compulsory that if you vote, you make a recording. VEG ( very evil grin .... Can't find the smileys from this device.)
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