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  1. Anything goes ... generic winter type songs, Christmas, Thanksgiving, Hanufah, errr..... Beltane, New Year etc. I've just be told by my boss (who plays button box for Morris) that they play "Ding Dong Merrily on High" for some strange and ancient circle dance that involves hurling women around. Chris
  2. Next months session is hoping to be themed - we should all be bringing along something seasonal (deliberately left vague) ..... Turkey in the Straw was suggested, and I might try to get "Lumps of Pudding" learned, ahs anyone else got any ideas? Chris :
  3. I been to a couple of workshops (for any sort of concertina) recently where we were encouraged to use the bellows to give a bit of lift and emphasis to tunes esp. dances. It also helps to think ahead so (on English) you don't run out of bellows and have to change direction right in the middle of the most difficult bit! (OK - I know that's a bit obvious :-) Chris
  4. But in this case the report was from New Scientist (the UK equivalent to Scientific American) - not that they don't occasionally lose the plot - but generally a mag. written for the science community to read at coffee time.
  5. This tune is labelled "Oak and Ash and Thorn" but unfortunately it seems to be the traditional song "The Oak and the ASh and the Bonny Ivy Tree" or "West Country Maid" which isn't what you're after (I have the Sarah Greaves CD too) - Nice song - I'd like to find the dots too. Till then I guess I'd better struggle with learning by ear which I'm not too good at! Chris
  6. Black Boxes - Sarah Graves. Remarkable English Concertina playing. I got a copy from e-bay (uk) at http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?Vie...ssPageName=WDVW They've even added a snippet from the CD for you to hear. Chris
  7. This weekend I spent a few hours listening to DH trying to buy a new fiddle, and LO! - in the corner of the room was a lovely concertina. Unfortunately the tuning was too far out to make accompaniment possible (in fact I got severely shushed ) But - could anyone help with a possible date for a Case English 48 button with a serial number 138 - looks like a v. low number! (Amboyna ends, coloured bone buttons, baffles so I couldn't see inside). The owners know enough not to let me take it off their hands (pity) but it would be nice to hear it play again. Maybe if I can give them some more info, they'd get around to getting it restored. tia Chris.
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