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  1. Nice bouncy playing .. I think that you have some extra beats in the B part though.
  2. Some interesting thought s in general about craftwork http://www.robin-wood.co.uk/wood-craft-blog/2014/11/17/real-craft-alienation-labour/ (from another field, I was surprised to find that you can call garments knitted on a knitting machine hand knitted - until you reach the level on knitting machine that you can walk away from and leave knitting)
  3. Have a look at this thread (I suggested a camera case that I'd got from a friend) and there were some other good suggestions there too. http://www.concertina.net/forums/index.php?showtopic=16964&do=findComment&comment=161092
  4. I like this version of Trollspolka https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DyzopylT-Yg (and it even shows you the dots at around 1:38) plus showing some drones if liked.
  5. He doesn't seem to use bellows movement at all... But he does get some volume dynamics so I am guessing he has some sort of strain guage like the S-wave but inside the bellows. Looks like he's using a foot control pedal of some sort, maybe controlling dynamics or just reverb.
  6. I believe others have also had success with Vanity cases. If you're lucky you can sometimes find these very cheaply in charity shops etc. You'd have to check out the dimensions but something like this http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Professional-Beauty-Make-Up-Nail-Tech-Cosmetic-Box-Vanity-Case-Storage-Bag-/181504135563http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Professional-Beauty-Make-Up-Nail-Tech-Cosmetic-Box-Vanity-Case-Storage-Bag-/181504135563 (in a fetching pink :-) or http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Vintage-Vanity-Case-/191328177197?pt=UK_Vintage_Accessories&hash=item2c8c0c4c2d http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Vintage-Pixie-Personal-Luggage-Vanity-Case-/161418710481?pt=UK_Tickets_Travel_Luggage_CA&hash=item25954e0dd1 Chris
  7. I was given an old camera case that a friend found in their attic. It's a Sacar like this one ... http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Vintage-Sacar-Leather-Camera-Bag-/380994848714?pt=UK_Camera_Cases_Bags_Covers&hash=item58b51007ca I blocked the interior with some padding and it fits a standard size hexagonal concertina (or my 12 sided Edeophone) very nicely, with about 1/3rd of the bag free at one end for other stuff. It's good and solid, with a decent catch on the lid and both handles and a shoulder strap. If you see one of these, check the size, they came several shapes and sizes. Mine is the same as the one in the link.
  8. Well that's a relief. Three time! What to choose? Here's my favourite 3/2 hornpipe, Flat Cap, played on two Wheatstone treble ECs. I hope that works. My PC suddenly doesn't like Soundcloud. Oooh nice, I love 3/2's I'm try to get "if you will not have me......" in playing order I can crack through the first few parts then it all falls apart, I may have to give up and just throw in the "Cheshire Round"
  9. Someone pointed me to this video. Great stuff even if it's not strictly concertinas https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3Z5qEKxfmm8
  10. Dave Elliott's concertina repair manual may be useful! (Dave is a member here) http://www.concertina-repair.org.uk/page7.html (and I have to be biased on the side of anyone who spells Elliott with 2 l's AND 2 t's since I was born as a Lelliott)
  11. and the intro, I know as "Shoe the donkey" http://thesession.org/tunes/3724 from Irish sessions, which might go well with all the other problems with dad in jail :-)
  12. I know this one from Irish Sessions as the Knocknaboul Polka ( http://thesession.org/tunes/3023 )
  13. I have a likely version on "A trip to the Lakes" by the Boat Band
  14. Oh, that's fun -thanks (The classical people are sending this one around at the moment http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BKezUd_xw20 )
  15. Also - get a second opinion from someone else at the session. The person least able to hear a concertina is the person playing it - all the sound goes out sideways (is the person beside you wincing :-) ?) I have a favourite session spot which is the corner seat - it's the only place in which I can hear what I'm playing if the session is a noisy one. Chris (Aside from that - a tutor model Lachenal, even if it steel reeded probably isn't the loudest concertina in the world though the one that I started playing on, which I still have as a backup, is in the medium range and not particularly quiet.)
  16. Nice the way the sides of video and background float around in time to the music..... Goodness - how did they do that :-)
  17. Hurrah! just what I've been waiting for ... the old Englitina android was sized for phones I guess and just too tricky use (playing position and button spacing) - though promising enough that I've just bought the new XL version. and will be able to annoy everyone playing concerina on my tablet. Chris
  18. I started on a student lachenal with flat buutons, and I was happy enough with with the way that felt that I was reluctant to move to domed buttons, but now I'm equally happy with the slightly domed buttons on my Edeophone. I has played (briefly) an EC with what I thought were almost pointy buttons and that made my fingers feel a bit tender, very quickly, and I would avoid that that, though I suspect fingertips would harden up to meet the challenge. Chris
  19. Rusty gulley or 3 rusty knives. Played along with dusty miller and My cat has kitted I was going to put this set into the pot. (3/2 is about as far as I can manage !) I may still do since it's a bit different from Jim's. Otherwise, I might attempt Kissing tree lane, a lovely 5/4 by Ron Harbron which is played at one of the local sessions. ... or rather better than I can manage, here http://kerrfaganharbron.bandcamp.com/track/kissing-tree-lane-i-wish Chris
  20. Aly's Waltz I have it on a CD called Sliabh Notes (sliabh is pronounced sleeve :-) ) http://thesession.org/tunes/5983 Good series, all the spinners and knitters that I know have been looking at the jumpers (disappointingly very few so far ... a lot of waterproofs and hoodies), and the musicians have been watching for some tunes and this ( a wedding) has been the first bit of music. Chris
  21. Sorry for that, Jody. Looks like the page has been moved or deleted. I've contacted Dan Gordon who compiled the Mac version to see if he can help us out. The Windows version appears to be there, but if anyone runs into trouble with that, please let me know. P.S. I've also contacted Scott to see if he has a copy of the files. Just tried it on WIn8 - needs to run through compatability mode checks but worked fine. I see the code uses fftw (I use that library in my astronomy :-) - I've picked up the source code as well - maybe I can get it to run under linux, so that I can try it on the laptop. Thanks for mentioning the program. Chris
  22. There's a time shift tool on the toolbar. click it then you can drag one track to match the other http://www.dropbox.com/s/vnnr7en34kqmawd/audacity.jpg
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