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  1. 3% plus VAT paid by the winning bidder. Assuming that it'll need the usual resto work as a minimum, I think the price was reasonable. No bargain though IMO. Chris Algar's 48 button Ede's were around £2500 a couple of years ago.
  2. I'd really hoped to find this on youtube, but alas 'twas not there. ps I found that the dance may be written for the character from a play... "Sir Foplin’s Airs’ from Sir George Etherege’s The Man of Mode: or Sir Fopling Flutter, in which the dance mimics foppish behavior; "
  3. Any useful information here?http://tunearch.org/wiki/Annotation:My_Own_HouseI've only ever known it as "My Own House," and I probably learned it from the Highwoods, though I've heard an awful lot of versions in the years since. Nope. It'll come to me. I learned a lot of tunes from Highwoods over the years! I know the Apart of that one as well (though the Bpart is isn't quite the same as what's playing in my head) - maybe I can come up with a name. The tune playing in my head was Elsey's Waltz. Which starts out the same, but is a different tune altogether. https://soundcloud.com/chris-jordan-45/elseys-waltz-concertina-net-theme-of-the-month-june-2015 edited to change link to soundcloud
  4. Any useful information here? http://tunearch.org/wiki/Annotation:My_Own_House I've only ever known it as "My Own House," and I probably learned it from the Highwoods, though I've heard an awful lot of versions in the years since. Nope. It'll come to me. I learned a lot of tunes from Highwoods over the years! I know the Apart of that one as well (though the Bpart is isn't quite the same as what's playing in my head) - maybe I can come up with a name.
  5. I had a look at the Case concertina at the weekend, and it was very nice indeed. The spec said walnut, but it could be amboyna. There were traces of gilding on the buttons and end bolts and I think it must have had a refurb. since it was close to concert pitch (A came in at ~441) There was a cloth baffle so I couldn't see the innards, but the bushing looked good and all except one button played (sounded as though there was some fluff in it). Very airtight with a nice sweet tone. I didn't tell everyone here, since I decided to bid on it ( ) but it shot straight through my rather meagre limit and sold for £900 plus buyers premium etc. If someone here bought it, I think you've got a very nice and immediately playable concertina there! Chris
  6. I'm just down the road from there and will probably go in for a look. I play English but might take a punt on the Duet - I'm quite interested in seeing if I can get on with that system. (Don't let that stop you bidding though .... I may well decide not to get another concertina, I barely have enough free time for the one that I have!) Chris ps This auction house is usually pretty low on their price estimates, especially for decent models. The one up the road in Macclesfield seems to give more realistic values.
  7. Al, If at some point , you could put the photos on dropbox I could pick them up and see what they're like. (I moved house about 2 months ago and am only now getting a small smidgen of "spare time" back!) Chris
  8. Maybe that would be more suitable then ... I think that tackling music is fairly new on Gutenberg, some of the music group seem to use lillypond, but they don't (so far) distribute the source file, just use it for the PDF etc. (I'd still be willing to give it a try with PG :-) ) Chris
  9. I do work with Project Gutenberg in producing e-Books from out of copyright material. Music is a little tricky - they want to find a format that will stand the test of time. Currently the "Best Practice" is to produce a book with pages of music as a picture book (ie a book with the music as pictures) and in addition to transcribe the music and produce a high quality PDF, a midi, and a file of musicXML so tese can be printed out or played. Books are produced as HTML, epub and mobi (for kindle) forms, but currently only the HTML will support the pdf's etc. The other eBook formats just ignore it (though you get the music as jpgs) . If you think this is worth doing, I can look at making it an official project for Distrubuted Proofreaders http://www.pgdp.net/which means that the book would end up (eventually) in the public domain on Project Gutenberg http://www.gutenberg.org/wiki/Main_Page (It would need to be proposed to them and accepted as meeting copyright and other requirements). Or I could see what I could with the book creation tools and run it through that process independently. Chris or taking it on as a
  10. Thanks for the soundfont, I must try it out! I did some notation with Musescore2 beta a while ago, and found that it still had a few bugs. I had to revert to Musescore1 which was a pain, since I had to start from scratch again (you can't read version 2 files into version1). I'll maybe try 2 again now. Chris (The main advantages of Musescore we're the soundfont and a good looking score. The difficulty was how hard I found it to enter notation, the learning curve is steep)
  11. Return to Helsinki reminds me a lot of the Abbess https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0m-R8oashlg (DH is trying to learn some old timey stuff, and I may be able to get him to play along on Angelina B.!) Chris
  12. Hmmm... made out of foam and used as blocking at the bottom of a case, lifted out to use as cradle. (But there's always the crowded pub where someone might bump the table over .. It's going back in the case when not clutched in my current death like grip!)
  13. It's back with thanks to Roy Whiteley (http://www.accordionmagic.com/) who has done a fine job of invisible repairs to the damaged end. And if anyone here owns the Rosewood ended Jeffries currently on his bench, it's coming along nicely. He's also partway through a new build of a very tidy looking anglo (could be worth a look - no EC's unfortunately) If I can overcome my drop-o-phobia it'll be coming with me to a session tonight - at least they have a nice thick carpet there, and you can bet it's going into its box anytime I have to leave it! Chris (sadder, wiser - and poorer)
  14. Ouch! I'm not sure that I'll dare to get it out of its case to play when I get it back !!!
  15. Shelly - you didn't want to hear the words that I said when it hit the floor! - and why did it have to happen when we were in a pub with a hard wood floor - all the other pubs that I session in have carpets! I haven't got it back yet and am puffing away on my old backup student lach. for now and whining a lot at life the universe etc. (and checking my bank balance, and wondering about metal ended concertinas)
  16. I could post a piccy of my concertina socks... except that they weren't supposed to look like that! (ps I'd like to see a copy of the dots.. sorry stich pattern, and yes I'm on ravelry too). Chris
  17. Thanks for all the helpful replies. My Ede is now resident with Roy Whitley - a surprising mere 6 miles down the road (plus a mile or so down a track unknown to SatNav!) Chris ps a had a look at an anglo in construction (but he doesn't make English) , and some nice work on the rosewood ends of a jeffries.
  18. I'm taking Ede to Roy tomorrow, thanks for the info, for some reason I thought he was up Stockport way. Chris
  19. Thanks Steve, I'll get in contact with Roy ASAP. (ps the Knutsford session has moved to a different pub and day. Not sure if you're on the mailing list for that still) Theo, thanks as well, you're backup! ChrisJ
  20. Help, help! As an early Christmas present I managed to do the rolling off onto a hard floor fro my Edeophone, leaving some fretwork cracks in the ends. I buried the problem over Christmas, but have now taken off end with the most visible damage and have looked properly at the damage. A piece of the fretwork has broken free plus a couple of bits of veneer and a section of side piece. I have all the bits fitted neatly together, a jigsaw in need of some glue? - nothing missing. I'm looking for recommendations for a repairer since it's beyond my skills and DH refuses to mess with it. Now I can see the inside, repairs have obviously been made before. I haven't removed the other end yet, but can see a few more hairline cracks there which may mean more of the same when I dismantle it. A couple of pictures (flickr).... the tape is holding the broken pieces in place. I'm hoping for someone not too far away! (Cheshire UK) and Chris
  21. That's standard; it's what makes single action viable. But all the single action concertinas I've seen -- with one exception -- had those "gills" only on faces that weren't visible from the top and front, i.e., faces not visible in the photos provided. Thanks - that's good to know. I briefly got lent a single action bass to play in a band at a worksshop. The player can see the gills even if the audience can't I still remember the waft of mildew that came out every push! Chris
  22. The last single action that I saw had opening flaps in the bellows to gasp masses of air for the non-playing direction (pull), I can't see this here, so I'd suspect double action (but pictures aren't conclusive) Chris
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