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  1. Ratface, you're right, the beginnings are quite similar. Thanks for the link. Still, I don't think this was my inspiration. I don't think I've heard this tune before, and I don't have it on CD or in a book. I'll put it in my repertoire now, of course. L
  2. Thank you all for your replies. I can add this: 1. I did a search at www.musipedia.org, using the Parsons code, without result. 2. I found the score of Maguire and Paterson here It's not the song I have in mind, alas. 3. I tried to find samples of the other named tunes on the Web, without result (yet). So I cannot say whether one of these is indeed the tune I must have heard before. 4. I wrote the tune down in the key of F because I play it in the key of F on my EC. But of course it can be played in another key. 5. I suspect that I've heard before at least the line of the first four bars. However, it's possible that I made up the rest of the tune, as I play it, myself. Hereby the whole tune as I play it. Greetings to you all! [edited]
  3. I've this tune in my mind - guess I've picked it up once. It begins as in the attached jpg or attached wav. Who knows the title, and how it goes on? Thanks in advance! unknown.wav
  4. And here's Mr. Gascoigne again ('hiring'?) on April 13, 1864 - number 2694 - link
  5. Another one 'on the house': 1863, March 27 - Wheatstone - 0.0.0 - SH - 3705 link Lachenal had to pay on December 12, 1863: link2
  6. Another Double was sold (?) to (the same, or another?) Mr. Gascoigne on Jan. 6, 1864 - I cannot read what is written next: an address? Or is it something about 'hire' 'per month'? And why 12 years later a lower number than the one sold in 1852? link: Anyway: it is fun browsing through these pages!
  7. It even goes better if you make the foam wet and freeze it in your freezer first.
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