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  1. Hi, is this item still for sale? I am in Canada for the next 2 weeks and then in the US for 2 weeks b4 I return to Ireland. If it is still for sale can you let me know how much u are looking for?

    Warm Regards

  2. Hi Squeezehead:

    Thanks for posting your mini Wheatstone for sale.

    Can you give me price and send photos.

    Look forward to hearing from you.


    Perry Werner

  3. I have a Wheatstone English miniature #35284 (circa 1938) in excellent condition. 8 fold bellows, metal ends, steel "staples" for thumb grips, 12 buttons (6 each side) in key of G (Includes F# and C#). Range is G to G plus 2 notes. Original leather box with working latch. No key. I have had this instrument for years, but never play it. I would consider offers or perhaps try eBay. Located Haines, Alaska.
  4. What's the low note on that? Is it a C, or a G? And how many buttons? Hi Jim, It is one octave below tenor, down to C. It has 35 glass buttons--2 and 1/2 octaves. Raised large ebony ends. 8-fold original bellows. Serial #52046. Len
  5. ggG Greetings, I have a Lachenal Edeophone double action bass that is strong and fast--for a bass. i rarely use it, so I would like to sell it, but it is not inexpensive. Len
  6. Haines, Alaska. Feel free to drop by and check it out. Len
  7. Greetings, I was out of town past 2 weeks, but saw your post regarding vintage baritone. I have a very nice rosewood ended Wheatstone baritone I got from Chris Algar a few years ago. It is quite mellow, steel reeds, original (I believe) green 5-fold leather bellows with papers. In original rosewood box. The right hand has paper Wheatstone label, but the serial number is missing from the left hand. The instrument plays well, has no cosmetic or functional issues, but I never play it. It should have a better home Home. I play an ebony ended treble Aeola, and hoped to use it similarly, but I believe I should look for an Aeola or Edeophone baritone for my purposes. Len ps on reviewing this post, clearly I have no clue how to use this forum.
  8. Is it double action? do you have a price in mind? hi John, Yes, it is double action. I posted photos on the web http://picasaweb.google.com/feldmanlen/Monstertina# I think I would sell for $4500 US. Len
  9. I got brave and made a web album http://picasaweb.google.com/feldmanlen/Monstertina# see if that works. I am not very computer literate. This is my second attempt to add a post here. The instrument goes to low C, an octave lower than a tenor. Steel reeds, the longer reeds are silver-tipped, I believe. All the glass buttons are intact. The case is original, leather, but pretty old and rough. She has a powerful voice, and is quite quick for a bass. The monstertina resides in Alaska. See what you think. Len
  10. Greetings, Just saw your post. I have a beautiful Edeophone bass, ebony ends, glass buttons, magnificent sound, all original so far as I can tell. I very rarely play it, so perhaps it is time for it to find a more appreciative home. Len
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