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  1. It is the C#/Eb button on the Right hand. If I keep a constant either push or draw pressure when I play one of these notes then the note will sustain until I reverse the draw/ push. If however I play staccato it usually closes well. It is a modern instrument made ? in China.
  2. Hi, My concertina has for some time had a fault on one button. The valve is slow to close after playing a note - in both directions, so I must be a problem with the linkage/ seal getting to the reeds. Now, I have taken the end off and noted how the reeds and airflow across the reeds is controlled by thin flaps, but that isn't where the problem is. There are a couple of tiny screws into the frame where the main gubbins must be but I don't dare open them up without knowing a bit more. Can I dig further and make a repair, or would I enter tiger country? Alternatively, anyone know a repairer accessible from SE London, or by post if further?
  3. Thanks everyone for their replies, especially the Monty Python reference! LDT and all - I have checked my time settings. They are fine. I did a test message to myself and then tried again. It told me I could not post again until a time 4 hours 55 minutes ago and would not let me post again. But, when I tried 6 minutes later it was fine. So, I suspect the forum settings could be tweaked to correct the message to help others but I seem to have learned the trick now. Thanks again. R
  4. Thanks LDT. How long is the gap? I get a report saying I can't send again until some date/ time (that seems to be several hours in the past) and then the next one gets blocked. Doesn't make it clear when I can post again.
  5. So, one spammer who was quickly removed has made it difficult for ordinary members to communicate? Isn't that a little overkill? Can a moderator reply to this? Did lots of members ask for this restriction? I only saw one enquiry as to whether it could be set up?
  6. Hi, Having recently attended a workshop I wanted to send a PM to the other 3 people. Well! I seem only to be able to send one a day, and I don't seem able to send to more than one person at a time. So it is taking me 3 days to say "hi, nice meeting you yesterday" Then, when someone replies I cant send to someone else as well for another day. Is this something I can get round? Is it possible to loosen things up a bit?
  7. Hi, I have been gently learning by myself for about a year now. So much to learn! But, I occasionally hear about ornaments - cuts, taps, crans, rolls. Can someone explain them in a simple way with some examples I could try?
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