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  1. Best would probably be to preserve the original liner notes minus obvious typos, but also have a corrected (and more consistently formatted) track list. There are multiple occurrences of "Reader's Tape" rather than "Readers' Tape". http://www.concertina.org/sound_archive/Ca...dSqueezebox.htm : "Each tape has it's own directory" -> "Each tape has its own directory" "At the bottm of each" -> "At the bottom of each" "the addreess shown on the liner" -> "the address shown on the liner" http://www.concertina.org/sound_archive/Ca...eadersTape.html : "on tha basis of originality" -> "on the basis of originality" "next incredible.effort, Revenge" -> "next incredible effort, Revenge" In the tracklisting, many colons lack a following space. In tracks A10, A13, and A14 I believe the "I" is supposed to be a separator, so should be replaced with a forward slash. Track B4: "Kevin K.eegan's Waltz" -> "Kevin Keegan’s Waltz" http://www.concertina.org/sound_archive/Ca...eadersTape.html : "pleased to oiler three" -> "pleased to offer three" "primitive equipment Indeed!" -> "primitive equipment indeed!" Again, the tracklisting is occasionally lacking a space separating the track name from the other information. "Crane System Duet Concefth,a" -> "Crane System Duet Concertina" Track A7: "Crossing Ihe Shannon" -> "Crossing the Shannon" Track A10: "Ril ganainm" -> "Ril gan ainm" Track B9: "(O’Hegarty @1973)" -> "(O’Hegarty ©1973)" Track B10: "taditional" -> "traditional" Track B14: "harinonium" -> "harmonium" Track B15: "harmoniun" -> "harmonium" http://www.concertina.org/sound_archive/Ca...eadersTape.html : "playing a Hayden quintet" -> "playing a Haydn quintet" (this error is probably in the original) "with All Edwards andFrank Butler" -> "with Alf Edwards and Frank Butler" "policy from the beginnin," -> "policy from the beginning," Track A1: "(LachenalEnglish Concertina)" -> "(Lachenal English Concertina)" Track A6: "Iohn Townley" -> "John Townley" Track A11: "Irish Traditiona)." -> "Irish Traditional." Track A13: "Klintworth Gones Anglo Concertina)" -> "Klintworth (Jones Anglo Concertina)" Track A13: "Tune by I. Klintworth." -> "Tune by J. Klintworth." Track A16: Possibly "Over the Waves to Skye"? Track B3: "AID Melodeon" -> "A/D Melodeon" Track B7: "Jones GID Anglo" -> "Jones G/D Anglo" Track B10: "(leffries 28-key CIG Anglo Concertina." -> "(Jeffries 28-key C/G Anglo Concertina)." Track B11: "Hayden Quintet" -> "Haydn Quintet" (again, probably in the original) http://www.concertina.org/sound_archive/Ca...eadersTape.html : "playing of JODY KRLJSKAL" -> "playing of JODY KRUSKAL" "composition The Procrastimition Waltz" -> "composition The Procrastination Waltz" "recordingThe Water Kelpie" -> "recording The Water Kelpie" (also italicisation) "FormerC&S Editor JOHN TOWNLEY,and" -> "Former C&S Editor JOHN TOWNLEY and" "Qot Pik Waltz" -> "Oot Pik Waltz" (or possibly "Ook") "of Concertina & SqueezeboxMagazine" -> "of Concertina & Squeezebox Magazine" Track A1: Only part of the title is hyperlinked. Track A2: Odd italicisation. Track A5: "Weasle" -> "Weasel" Track A6: "&LEANNE PONDER" -> "& LEANNE PONDER" Track A7: "(Dipper Shantyman Anglo Concertina,fiddle etc*" -> "(Dipper Shantyman, Anglo Concertina, fiddle, etc)*" Track A8: "Wheat stone" -> "Wheatstone" Track B3: "( Wheat stone" -> "(Wheatstone" Track B8: "nelodeort" -> ??? (Melodeon?) Track B10: "(w/HohnerTrichord3-row Gb/A accordion)" -> "(w/Hohner Trichord 3-row G♭/A accordion)" Track B11: "Sonata in 13b" -> "Sonata in B♭"
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