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  1. Ok Thanks for that, I have no problem with the dates.
  2. Thank all of you for your interest and it would appear that the Instrument was made in about, More or less 1906. Thiis not definite but I used the formula from the following link http://www.concertina.info/tina.faq/conc-ap1.htm. which is a rough guide. Apart from the dates the information regarding previous ownership was taken ftom the following link http://search.freefind.com/find.html?id=41202650&pid=r&mode=all&n=0&css=&query=lachenal+maccann+3684&search.x=0&search.y=0. Thank you all
  3. Not true, Wheatstone patented a duet at the same tinme as he patented the English. The duet design was not very good and it was John Hill Maccann who improved it
  4. Thanks for that, I must admit that i was in some doubt regarding the information. BUT it was on the WAYNE ledgersand actually came up as a Lachenal Duet with the right number.
  5. Selling a Lachenal Edeophone Maccann 63 button Duet. Serial number 3684. The right hand side start at middle C whilst the left hand side starts at A2. The Concertina library website Ledger C1074 page 025 states that this instrument was manufactured Sept 16 1851 for Lady Manvers, wife or daughter of lord Manvers. The instrument has been well played the markings on the end lates indicate this. The instrument belongs to Mrs Rosemary Gadd who is a member of the West Country Concertina Players and I am selling it on her behalf. The instrument plays well and has a good tone which is mellower than my own instrument a Wheatstone Duet. I seriously considered buyng this on from Rosemary because it is so good, but I would have had to sell my Wheatstone. Rosemary is asking £2000.00 for this instrument, but would consider offers. I will send interested players pictures
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