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  1. Attention sellers! If you receive an offer for an intrument that you are selling, where the buyer wants to give you a cashiers check larger than your asking price and send the balance somwhere via western union, particularly to Nigeria, do not do it! The check is counterfeit and you will get stuck!!!
  2. I have changed my post since I recently I had the opportunity to listen to a group of concertinas that included both accordion reeded and concertina reeded instruments. They all sounded nice, but it left me with little doubt. There is quite a difference in the sound, consequently, I am definately in the market for a Lachenal. Jim.
  3. Hi Ken. I used to be very active here but under a different user name, which I don't even recall. I have been persuing other forms of music, play banjo, guitar, this melodeon, but my main instrument is harmonica. Thus my interest in the concertina. Our family is of Scottish origin and Celtic music has played big here. I am currently doing Rock & Blues with a band however, so quite eclectic stuff. I am open to almost any good condition 3 row. I only mentioned the American (read that North American, sorry Frank) instrument, thinking that I might avoid a worn out piece. Actually, I enjoyed my Lachenal very much, except that it had a 5-fold bellows and only 2 rows, which I outgrew quickly. So, in reality I prefer the older instruments and would take a good Lachenal over accordion reeded instruments anyday. No offense to the North American makers!!! It's that sound you know. Actually I have never heard the accordion reeded concertinas so may not even like the sound. Malcom Clapp has already shown me a Lachenal that intrests me greatly, except that he already has a melodeon, so am left trying to sell the Baffetti or find another. I have a bit of cash but not enough to purchase outright. I am familiar with all of the names of you regulars so would not be concerned with anything you had for sale. Thanks for the reply & pleasure talking with you. I am leaving for Scotland Wednsday, so will be unavailable until the end of the month. Talk soon. Jim.
  4. I would like to find a nice used 3 row Lachenal. Trade Preferred plus cash difference. I have a Mint, Dino Baffetti Black Pearl Special II w case. Paid $1500. Played perhaps 2 dozen times, bellows still stiff! Photos upon request. See sales post, below. Jim Wright.
  5. This is a great instrument, well made and in mint condition with case (the model with 2 stops). Played perhaps 2 dozen times, bellows still stiff! I tried it after spending a year with a 2 row Lachenal which I sold to pay for this. It was a nice try but I miss the concertina. Paid $1500, will sell for $1200 plus shipping, but prefer trade for a 3 row Lachenal). Will send e-photos upon request. Jim Wright.
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