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  1. What is the best concertina for a beginner? 5 year old girl with small hands but an instrument that is not difficult to play. Some of the cheap instruments are so terrible to play and while advertised as starter instruments, they don’t really deliver what’s needed. Jose Claro was recommended to me. Playability more important to me than price as I want her to be able to enjoy the experience and not struggle with a weak instrument. Looking forward to what the experts think. Thanks.
  2. Are they two or three voice?
  3. This concertina has been on a shelf in my house for the best part of 10 years, before that I used to play a little. I have been wanting to get it fixed up as one or two reeds are not sounding right and the action on some of the buttons could be a bit better. Apart from that it is in top order and sounds really loud and powerful. As you can see its a 30 key anglo. I live in Dublin so who would be the most appropriate/best repairer to carry out this work for me? Im also curious to know what it might be worth.. Thanks for any advice or help you might be able to give!
  4. If these boxes are being stolen to order I cant see anything more senseless to do than post pictures of your prized possessions alongside your address... ala Stephen!
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