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  1. Hi, I am new to this website and have little experience of concertinas. A relative of mine has inherited a black gilt 8 sided Wheatstone duet concertina with 66 keys. It was originally owned by her husband's father who purchased it in 1911 and, as far as we know, was the sole player/owner. It is in very good condition but with a shabby case. My relative has owned this concertina for some time now but has become anxious that it is not being played and is now thinking about selling it. I am seeking general advice on the approximate market value of this concertina. Obviously nobody can be specific without viewing it but any general advice would be most welcome. On another point, are there many female concertina players around? This concertina seems very heavy. How easily could it be played by an adult female? Could any adaptations be made to it to make it more player friendly? Any advice on the above would be most appreciated.
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