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  1. And when did accordion-builders began to use one key for one note, and not a chord ?

    I believe that this is the case there on my accordion. When you can make photos of your German similar instruments, please take a picture of the reed block to see if they are also similar inside




  2. Thank you for your answers ! I looked everywhere inside and outside, there is no label of any kind. The bass notes are tuned in C#.

    Could you please send pictures of your similar-looking German accordions, Stephen ?

    I have been told by someone else that it could be a 1860's toy accordion...

    Anyway, I think I have done a good deal, here is the eBay link for it :





  3. When I listen to it carefully, I hear :

    -a bass voice

    -a "vibrato-ish" treble voice (like a double-reeded accordion)

    -a "whistley" treble voice , more like an English Concertina.

    I wouldn't be surprised if this were concertina, since this instrument was common in Russia at the beginning of the century. By the way, 3 great early American concertinists were Russian by origin : Grigoriy Matusewitch, Raphael Sonnenberg and Piroshnikoff.

  4. I have a lachenal 31 key C/G anglo with the sticker saying it was made by "Thomas Dawkins & Co" of 7 Charterhouse St London. I am interested in finding out more about this fellow and to get any ideas about opinions about his concertinas. Any one got any history here? This one is made about 1895 if the number calculation is correct. The number of the concertina is 90499 which dates to 1926 using Merediths method (as outlined on Concertina.net).

    Anyway I am interested in any history about this block if anyones knowns anything. Ta......


    I have an English concertina with 48 keys with a label which reads "THOMAS DAWKINS & C°, Manufacturers, 17 Charterhouse Street

    LONDON". I am a beginner in Concertina history, but I was told it is maybe a Lachenal since it has the same wood design on the ends than the 1880's cheap Lachenal's. It is in rosewood.

    Could someone help me to date it ? it has a number inside the bellows : "23678".

    Thanks !

  5. hello

    I want to start to play English concertina, and I want to buy an used concertina with 48 key.

    I would prefer a good quality old instrument such as Wheatstone, Crabb or Lachenal, but please contact me for any answers.

    I do not want to spend much on this since it would be my first instrument. Under €250 would be great for me.

    I have some experience with repairing bellow instruments such as Harmoniums and mechanical organs, so even if it is in bad condition (with air leaks etc..) I am interested.

    Thank you in advance !

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