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  1. And when did accordion-builders began to use one key for one note, and not a chord ? I believe that this is the case there on my accordion. When you can make photos of your German similar instruments, please take a picture of the reed block to see if they are also similar inside /P
  2. There is everything inside, excepted the reeds. This is designed for single reeds, like a concertina (no tremolo effect). I will try to post a photo in a few days. The person who said that it was a toy was not sure and had no clue of it. What could be its real worth ? P
  3. Thank you for your answers ! I looked everywhere inside and outside, there is no label of any kind. The bass notes are tuned in C#. Could you please send pictures of your similar-looking German accordions, Stephen ? I have been told by someone else that it could be a 1860's toy accordion... Anyway, I think I have done a good deal, here is the eBay link for it : http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewI...em=220427653588 Peter
  4. Yes, Stephen Chambers could help us !! There's something very strange : there are no reeds into it, excepted for the bass side !! Here is the picture of the bass reeds and inside the bellow :
  5. Could it be one of the first Demian accordions ? Here are the pictures :
  6. When I listen to it carefully, I hear : -a bass voice -a "vibrato-ish" treble voice (like a double-reeded accordion) -a "whistley" treble voice , more like an English Concertina. I wouldn't be surprised if this were concertina, since this instrument was common in Russia at the beginning of the century. By the way, 3 great early American concertinists were Russian by origin : Grigoriy Matusewitch, Raphael Sonnenberg and Piroshnikoff.
  7. Here is the link : http://www.russian-records.com/details.php?image_id=3270 This is described as a solo of "Garmonia" but this not a solo, but a duet recording from Russia. To me it sounds as a duet of Bayan and english concertina, but I am not sure. What do you think ?
  8. Hello ! While searching for Georgian miniature accordions, I found this website which shows 2 concertina photos and describes them as a Georgian folk instrument !!! The concertina is at the back of the page : http://www.hangebi.ge/photo_gallery.htm Any informations about what this could be ? The bellows look "home-made", whereas the ends are like a Wheatstone or a Lachenal... P.
  9. Maybe some Jedcertina... It is for sale in France : http://cgi.ebay.fr/ACCORDEON-ANCIEN-BANDON...1QQcmdZViewItem
  10. I have definitely found a Lachenal with minor repair from 1884 for approx. $100, so I won't need anything else for long I hope !
  11. I have an English concertina with 48 keys with a label which reads "THOMAS DAWKINS & C°, Manufacturers, 17 Charterhouse Street LONDON". I am a beginner in Concertina history, but I was told it is maybe a Lachenal since it has the same wood design on the ends than the 1880's cheap Lachenal's. It is in rosewood. Could someone help me to date it ? it has a number inside the bellows : "23678". Thanks !
  12. hello I want to start to play English concertina, and I want to buy an used concertina with 48 key. I would prefer a good quality old instrument such as Wheatstone, Crabb or Lachenal, but please contact me for any answers. I do not want to spend much on this since it would be my first instrument. Under €250 would be great for me. I have some experience with repairing bellow instruments such as Harmoniums and mechanical organs, so even if it is in bad condition (with air leaks etc..) I am interested. Thank you in advance !
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